Monday 2 March 2009

Postcards from Vienna to Paris, with Love

Bois de Boulogne papillon
Oh well, I'm lying.
What's a girl to do when she falls in love
with a
butterfly? **

Hermès Boutique
Am Graben 22

For my shopping expeditions to Hermès, **
I like to take the Blue Coach:
Great stowage space.
A pity, Louis Vuitton, ** over at Kohlmarkt 6,
can be accessed only on foot
(how rude! Let's hope they hand deliver my trunk!!)

Tea Light Macarons
Fit for a Ladurée Box? **

Crawfish Tramezzino
Zum Schwarzen Kameel **
Crawfish speak French in my book.
New Orleans French, that is.

Who would not love a restaurant
that keeps such pretty flowers on the tables?
Even on their kitchen window sills! **

May I point out,
that even though I found them in
Rome, **,
my sunglasses are from Paris?
It's not easy, escaping the French!

Agent Provocateur

I almost broke the window glass,
to find the right angle to be able
to bring you this image,
without running the risk of being arrested being censored. **


Everybody knows
that the croissant was invented in Vienna, non?
For this post, I'll let them pass
as Parisians. ;-)

Le Parfum
Petersplatz 3

Les Nuits d'Hadrien
Clicking on the underlined words,
marked with asterisks,
will bring you more tales.
At your own risk, though. :-)

Photos first published
May 2007


  1. Wow! Every photo is put together so well---even the croissants that you had to work for the right angle. Now I have visited a few times I appreciate the postcards from your travels---wherever.

  2. That croissant looks utterly...irresistable!
    At a loss for words...

  3. This made me miss Paris. I use to be an expat in Brussels and would go to paris all the time. We have only been back to the states a couple months and miss Europe very much.

  4. Were croissants really invented in Wien? I mean, there's so many delicious Austrian breads that I'm not too surprised, but why the French name? Very interesting!

  5. I have to say that everything looks wonderful but that crawfish sandwich is fabulous. I used to live in Louisiana so it brings back many memories.

  6. Ahh...the joys of couch-traveling! Thank you again for giving me something(where) to daydream about :)

  7. i love your blog...avid follower. thanks for blessing me with your beautiful photos and way of life!! please follow my blog at...

  8. Congratulations on being a "blog of note". I spent time recently in Austria, but I didn't make it to Vienna unfortunately. Your photographs are lovely, just lovely. I've bookmarked you and am looking at you earlier posts as well.
    Cheers, Maggie

  9. Lovely photos :) I am a fan of the food ones mostly! hehe.
    Hope you can visit sometime

  10. LOve your blog, beautiful and pleasant things and the photos are sublime.

  11. Love from Paris to Vienna!!

  12. Oh, YES! Crawfish Tremezzino. That looks WONDERFUL!!


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