Tuesday 10 March 2009

Coffee with Beethoven

A Warm Welcome
Red Tulips

Red Tulip and Cappuccino
Rote Tulpe und Melange

Pfarrplatz 3
19th District

"Beethoven and Fonda:
Broadway Soul Mates
After reading the above article
by Ben Brantley in today's New York Times
I would like to ask you:

Have you ever contemplated how many years
of his life Beethoven lived and worked in Vienna?

Ludwig van Beethoven,
the great German composer,
travelled to Vienna for the first time
in 1787, at 17 years of age,
to take lessons from a certain
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

He was only 22 years old
when he returned to Vienna,
to study with - among others -
Joseph Haydn and Antonio Salieri.

Beethoven never moved back to Germany,
living in Vienna until his death
at age 57, on March 26, 1827.


Click on the pictures
for more information about
Beethoven in Vienna and
the historic Pfarrhaus


  1. see you learn something new everyday...

    love the window shot..

  2. The tulips seem to be looking out to see if Spring has arrived and if it's safe to come out. Watched Andre' Rieu on public TV at the Hofburg Palace - what magic. I just keep falling for your special city. If those sidewalks could talk oh the tales they would tell.... Love your pictures that always have an air of romanticim.

  3. Ah...when I need some downtime in a beautiful setting with my coffee. Hope you are well. --Michelle--

  4. I will forever be the incorrigible romantic. And your blog will aways serve as one of my muses!
    Tulips are my favorite flowers.

  5. I'd love to have coffee in Vienna someday...with Beethoven too. But really, it's the pastries I want more than the coffee, if I'm going to be honest...

    Those red tulips are so lovely.

  6. Very interesting information which I didn't know. I love the single tulip and Cappucinno picture. It has such a cheerful feel to it.

  7. A lovely sequence of pictures supported by interesting and informative commentary.

  8. I love all your pictures...thank you for sharing! :)

  9. You have a new photo in your "about me".
    I like it.
    What camera are you using there?

  10. bloody Beethoven- he is a favorite of mine!

  11. Beautiful tulips, a cup of cappuccino, beautiful atmosphere, a little history lesson. What more could one ask for? You have a beautiful blog.

  12. Lovely pictures, I'm able to understand why you've got them protected under international copyright laws. The information on Beethoven was interesting too.

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    And, congratulations on being selected as Post of the Day from David's Authorblog. We have been discovered at the same time. Lucky us.


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