Monday 9 March 2009

Behind the Scenes at Demel's

Pastry Fairies Painting Bunnies
Why else do you think that Demel's
Only a few blocks from the
Vienna University of Applied Arts?

Edible Silver
Sugar pearls
Sealed in a bottle
Awaiting their precious moment

Demel's Granny Childcare
The real reason behind
Humpty Dumpty's great fall:
One can take care
Of an unruly child only so much
While drinking coffee!

Behind Chocolate Bars
Unhappy fowl?
Not so, according to Dickens'
"Tales of Two Chickens"!

A-Tisket. A-Tasket
A green androyal blue yellow basketbox
With a chocolate Ducky
Looking like trouble!

Why Do I Know All This?
For a bird of the air
carried the voice,
and that which hath wings
does tell the matter!

Editor's Note:
Demel's running assmoothDemelishly
As always,
A Pastry Perpetuum Mobile
If there ever was one.

"All's Well
That Ends Well

March 6, 2009
at Demel's
For more
Demel stories,
click on the images!
Enjoy! :-)


  1. Your photography makes me want to throw my camera into the Duck Pond in Stadtpark.

  2. *giggle*
    Oh Badger,
    you made me laugh so hard,
    I'll have to catch my breath before I dive after that camera of yours! :-)))

    Thank you!

  3. time sure flies when you're having fun :) Can't believe it's easter already!

  4. What treats you serve, and calorie free, I suppose. Love the Venice post also. I must study these more. See you soon.

  5. Very interesting and great photos and I enjoyed the post very much.
    I wish to thank you for your kind comments. There is a plate of fish and chips for you. I'll drop in to see your blog from ime to time if I may.

  6. Great and funny post

  7. Easter is almost here - you can see this clearly! And all those goodies make me scream again for Vienna... In a month I am there, yupeeeeeeee!

  8. Super shots. Sugar pearls - I'm on my way to Vienna now.

  9. Ann (MobayDP),
    almost, my dear Ann, only almost! ;-)

    lakeviewer ,
    the are all of negligible caloric content! ;-)
    Thank you!

    Eddie Bluelights,
    you are welcome -
    I loved your fish and chips, thank you!,
    thank you (grey and dreary days bring out this sort of nonsense in me *g*).

    if you are lucky, the lilacs will be just about to be ready to bloom! :-)

    david mcmahon,
    I knew I could sidetrack you to Vienna! :-)))

  10. The flavor and aroma of these delectibles come right through the computer screen. Thanks for these delicious images.

  11. For the bad duck, it's all in the eyes.

  12. >With a chocolate Ducky
    Looking like trouble!

    He seems to have a runcible look in his eye!

  13. how wonderful!

  14. Love the way you turn a phrase and how your pictures and a story always go together. Its a real treat visiting this blog Merisi.

  15. I love the way that Europe does silly yet so beautiful!

  16. SandyCarlson,
    you are welcome! :-)

    Barbara Martin,
    yes, so said it,
    I agree! :)

    Wandring Star,
    seems to? He has runcibility writtten all over! :-)

    Marco Crupi,
    thank you!

    thanks! :-)

    thank you very much,
    it is my pleasure! :-)

    what is for you the biggest difference?
    I miss the Easter Egg Roll at the White House! ;-)

  17. I enjoyed viewing all the pics and reading the accompanying comments.

  18. Vinita,
    welcome and thank you! :-)

  19. Did you see the article on Demel in the latest issue of Saveur?

  20. Those edible pearls are really interesting.


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