Wednesday 11 February 2009

Vienna Today: Snow and Tulips

Just Another Snow Day in Vienna
I was trying to photograph the pink tulips
on my windowsill
when I noticed that the door of the building
on the opposite site of the street opened
and a little girl in a red snowsuit,
clutching her doll,
spilled out into the snow flurries.


  1. Those tulips are beautiful!! They're my favorite flowers. That photo of the precious child clutching her doll so tightly against her is so sweet--I think that's just touching and wonderful. This post makes me smile.

  2. ps
    Are those tulips planted outside or at your window? if outside, amazing that they're up that much already! They're stunning. Love that blue door, I meant to say, as well...

    Sue, these are cut tulips, kept in a vase on the windowsill, between the inner and the outer casement.

  4. Snow and tulips. An incredible combination.

    That little tyke is cute in her red snowsuit. Soon she won't need the snowsuit.


  5. The photo of little child venturing out into the snowy, gray day could be a wonderful writing prompt in a creative writing class. There are so many stories that can come from this photo!

    Tulips....harbengers of spring...promises of warm days to come. Aren't they just happy flowers? LOVE the color and what great light you have in your window!!

    Happy Wednesday, Merisi :D

  6. An interesting door making a striking photo.

  7. Oh Merisi! These are so beautiful. You know I love tulips... thanks for sending these my way.

  8. Lovely tulips; and also the alder catkins.

  9. That is a wonderful sequence. That little girl and her doll stole my heart.

  10. Beautiful photos today!!!. Today I got a wonderful break from winter. It in the fifty and felt like spring!!!!. I'm going post about it , later on tonight.

  11. Beautiful series. the tulips are a lucious shade of pink. I think Spring will be here before you know it. The little girl popping out the door just adds to the interest of this post. I like it.

  12. Gorgeous tulips! I love the that the doll has her hat on too!

  13. I love the tulips, but can only look at them this way to admire. At home in a vase, I would be sneezing until they left.

  14. NOT FAIR...again
    Where the heck do you TULIPS at this time of year?
    Even if Holland is around the corner :(


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