Thursday 12 February 2009

"Have You Already Chosen?"

Haben schon gewählt?
Just as 200 years ago,
the guests are spoken to in the third person
and are asked what they desire.

"Have You Already Chosen?"
"One feels that one is well taken care of
but not badgered when the third person is in use.

"One knows that one is being well looked after
in a professional manner without having the feeling
that the provision of this service is a grace.

"Do you want to find out more about this?
Then go straight to the Demel.

(Friedrich Torberg, "Die Tante Jolesch")

Source for text and English translation
of the quote from Friedrich Torberg's
"Die Tante Jolsch":
Demel's website.

Clicking on the images
will take you on more
delectable excursions
of Demel's


  1. A brilliant post!
    I love the recapitulatoions.

  2. Beautiful photos, so refreshing.

  3. Stats:
    - 1001st visit to Demel (alright, I lost count)
    - Melange and Faschingskrapfen set me back Euro 6.00 (a bargain really, thinking how much time and effort it takes to make both yourself!)
    - Yes, I still feel ""well looked after in a professional manner without having the feeling
    that the provision of this service is a grace
    - I took the pictures today! :-)

  4. Good evening, WANDERING STAR and CHEFFIE MOM:
    Your comments came in while I was typing my own. ;-) Thank you! :-)

  5. You chose well.The photos feel so dignified. I just love your style.

  6. Yes, I have most definitely chosen.
    But I could probably force down more than one.
    I could go to Demel's every day......
    or even once!

  7. Es ist erstaunlich, dass ich über ein Blog in den USA auf dieses entzückende Blog über meine Heimatstadt gestoßen bin. Wunderschöne Eindrücke - I love it.

    Liebe Grüße Ursula

  8. What glorious photos. I feel very well taken care of. I don't want to leave. Those parrot tulips or whatever they're called are glorious, too!

  9. Demel's sounds so classy and those flowers are just lovely. I wish I could go! But alas, it's a bit out of my way. :)

  10. It all looks delicious! The photos are great. I didn't write the poem myself and the poem is even longer and says that the sun is the poet's lord and master, and that is something I don't believe in. I got the poem from Google. I was looking for poetry about sunrise and sunrise. Thank you for your visit and comment. Of course you can also use the poem.

  11. Yes, as Elizabeth has written, my choice would be to visit Demel's as often as possible and have a different treat brought to my table on every visit.

    Truly nothing like it here.

    Best wishes!

  12. "One" would like to take a bit out of that Apricot donut thingie there...

  13. I remember those little jelly filled pastries from my visit to Austria. I was so impressed because women were making them in their homes and, until that time, I had only seen anything comparible in a bakery.

  14. Merisi, whenever I come for a visit I make certain I have my coffee at hand, and sometimes a treat to nibble. Otherwise I get horrid (wonderful) cravings for coffee and a pastry. I have a late batch of oatmeal and raisin cookies in the oven as I type this message.

  15. Oh how I miss Vienna! Tank God for the next best thing, whioch is your blog. But then again , it is not next best: I have seen Vienna through your eyes before going there in person! So does that make Merisi's Vienna furst best?!

  16. Parrot tulips are my favorite.

    What a lovely blog you have. Thanks for visiting mine so I could find you.


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