Tuesday 17 February 2009

Sunday Walk II

Venetian Mask
Lipizzaner am Stephansplatz
Stephansplatz 6

Move over, Mozart!
Said some Lipizzaner horse,
and went to the market,
selling Lipizzanerballs.

A shiny black Lipizzaner mug
for 9.90 Euro gives you the right
to enjoy your Lipizzaner coffee legally,
without infringing on a trademark.
Add to that a slice of Lipizzaner Torte
and a Lipizzanerkugelball on the side.
You are on a diet?
How about Lipizzaner hoof balm applied liberally
wherever needed?

St. Stephen's Cathedral
Looking heavenward,
Lucyspire in the sky.
So far,
not available in chocolate.

White Horses
pulling a Fiaker coach,
the coachman all bundled up:
It's cold out there, baby!

Crème caramel
Café Diglas


Who wouldn't want to finish
lunch on the day after St. Valentine's
on such a sweet note?

The Kunstforum Building
One More
This time, a gilded one,
diet friendly, chocolate free,
Georges Braque retrospective hot pink banner

this past Sunday


Each of the pictures
will reveal more images
of Venice and of Vienna
by clicking on them.


  1. that mask is very cool. sort of evil looking in a way. But I guess many masks are.

  2. I feel better now, that I've come to see your world here!
    I have been making a LARGE Venetian mask for two parties!!
    Happy Week Merisi!

  3. Mmmm! The Crème caramels had my mouth watering!

    A lovely post all round!

  4. That creme caramel is to die for! (((sigh))) I think I put on a pound or two just coming over here, Marisi. ;^)

  5. She jumped on her white Lipizzaner but her mask fell askew.
    Still, he couldn't catch a glimse of her face.
    The Crème caramel got in the way.
    He knew he shouldn't be riding and eating at the same time!
    When would he ever learn?
    They turned into Stephans platz Strasse together.
    Baby, it was cold out there!
    And he was still hungry...
    What wouldn't he give for a slice of Torte, a mug of Joe and her, wrapped up in a bear rug in front of the fire back at the palace.
    Dream on Sonny, dream on...

  6. Coming here is always an adventure. Love the different balls and that caramel creme looks so delicious.
    As always I love these pictures.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love the photos on your blog. They make me feel as if I have been abroad.

  8. Each glimpse of your city reveals a treasure - none more so than the creme caramel!

  9. Charles Gramlich,
    a mysterious, somewhat charmless aura, isn't it? Yet they are so beautiful! I am looking forward to see many more in Florence in a few days. ;-)

    I have to come and see those masks, my compliments!

    Wandring Star,
    Crème caramels are a temptation I can't resist either. ;-)

    Thank heaven, only one was mine! ;-)

    what fantastic adventure, Carol,
    I am mesmerized! :-)
    Btw, as a surprise for his paramour, - and since Demel's Royal and Imperial Confectioners store was only a few strides up Graben Square and a sharp left turn into Kohlmarkt - Prince Charming bought a Demeltorte (which he preferred over the famous Sacher one, and not only for the beautiful box it was packed in!). He served it with coffee in front of the fireplace, and they ate every last crumb of it! ;-)

    thank you! :-)

    cheshire wife,
    welcome! :-)
    Travelling virtually has its rewards!;-)

    david mcmahon,
    wished I could put them into little wooden boxes like a Sachertorte and send half a dozen to Melbourne! ;-)

  10. I came in to quench my thirst for beauty and as usual, you came thru my friend! I'm filled to overflowing, lol...you are a treasure!

  11. OHHH...congrats on the Post of the Day mention!!! I should have gone there first, lol!

  12. Lots of goodies here - even for one who can't stand coffee...

    Congratulations with David's post of the day mention!

  13. Very nice post! Found you through the mention in David's POD.

  14. The Flaker horses don't look particularly happy...too bad they don't wear three-quarter sheets while working.

    But the desserts always look scrumptuous.

  15. Am totally wanting creme brule now...

  16. Can I be your assistant? I love photography and I'm currently unemployed. Thought it was worth a shot anyway. Thank you for the wonderful pictures! They're absolutely enchanting!


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