Monday 5 January 2009

Wiener Kleinodien

January 5, 2009
Hoher Markt, Graben and


  1. Merisi ,Best wishes for 2009 ! MAy this year be full of only good things !
    Mélanie xxx

  2. love the 3rd pic - how pretty.

  3. Happy New Year, Merisi. You're such a prolific poster that I can't keep up with reading your blog daily but please know that I do eventually catch up and when I do, I'm floored each and every time. Your photos are always amazing and they illustrate your posts perfectly. You are SO talented. Lovely, lovely stuff. Thank you always for sharing the beauty.

  4. Now I really think that is too much froth!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Merisi, and so encouraging to know that in Vienna, when one has coffee, it does still arrive on that silver tray and with that clear glass of water.

    In New York, one might luck upon a place that understands such details, but it would not be easy to find.

    This is a much rougher place, where even expensive coffee often arrives in a paper cup.

    Thank you for your comments, and may I again offer you best wishes for the new year!

  6. Beautiful vinettes of life in your wonderful city. I like how you show your special coffees. It always seems like an occasion.

  7. That looks like merangue on top of those coffees!

  8. Coffee is always appreciated after a shopping trip. Thanks, Merisi.

  9. So divine that picture of the balancing spoons...
    They much be from the Cirque de Soleil..?


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