Wednesday 14 January 2009

Snowflakes Swirling Out of the Sky Like Feathers

Christmas Tree
Private residence
Am Heumarkt

The Snow Queen
City Park Head Offices
Am Heumarkt/Johannesgasse

Restaurant Meierei
Right Bank of the River Wien

Over the Wien River

Johannesgasse Entrance
View of the Wien River

in the Stadtpark
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"If he hadn't been so tired,
if he'd paid a bit more attention
to the snowflakes swirling out of the sky like feathers,
he might have realized
that he was traveling straight into a blizzard;
he might have seen at the start
that he was setting out on a journey
that would change his life forever
and chosen to turn back

Quoted from Orhan Pamuk's novel "Snow"
Chapter One
"The Silence of Snow
The Journey to Kars"


The great American writer
John Updike wrote a beautiful review
about Pamuk's "Snow" - here is the link:
A modernist novel of contemporary Turkey
Review by John Updike in The New Yorker



  1. Thank you for these beautiful images. They certainly evoke many many memories. Snow hitting my face is not something I experience much here.

    I shall read Orhan Pamuk.

  2. Tut-tut,
    thank you!
    If you click on the last picture you will find a longer sample of Snow's first chapter. John Updike wrote an extensive review of the novel in the New York Times' Book Section, when the book was first published in the States, in 2004. You should be able to find it online still.

  3. We have snow today, too! About six inches so far and falling an inch an hour! It makes everything look so magical, doesn't it?

  4. Beautiful as it is, I still got a case of shivers looking at it. ;)

  5. BTW, Pamuk's book "Snow" is about 3 down on the "to read" pile!

  6. Ah, perfect post for tonight. I have snow falling outside right now. Beautiful pictures

  7. Breathtaking! I love pictures of snow because I don't get any here in Texas!

  8. I love the quote! And the photos, of course. It was snowing here in Salzburg yesterday as I walked through the deserted city late at night. So beautiful!

  9. Merisi, I find your posts are compulsive viewing. It is so wonderful to see portraits of Vienna in all har diverse attire.

    You have prompted me to locate and read that work by Pamuk.

  10. GAWD It looks just like New York at the moment...
    white everywhere....

  11. Beautifil snow photos. Grey with a touch of light. Parfect for the season.

  12. Beautiful, Merisi! You always liven my day.

  13. Everything looks so pretty in the snow. It is the silence that I like.

  14. Ah...even a gray day looks romantic on this blog..I don't know how you find the perfect photos and prose.

  15. Even in the throes of winter here in Canada, I still enjoy looking at photos of snow. I'll be checking out the book.


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