Saturday 10 January 2009


Andante Cantabile
Joseph Haydn

Piano Sonata no. 46
Joseph Haydn

Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra
Joseph Haydn

The Seasons: Spring
Joseph Haydn

Theresa Mass B-flat Major
Joseph Haydn

Piano Sonata no. 54 in G Major
Joseph Haydn

The Lark
String Quartet in D major
Joseph Haydn

Goodbye Symphony
Joseph Haydn

Schloss Kittsee
August 2008

Click on the subtitles
to listen to the music,
a click on the last picture
will take you to more images
of Schloss Kittsee.


  1. Brilliant, Merisi! What a wonderful concept for a post.

  2. Stunning! The music is beautiful and so are the pictures! :)

  3. What a totally gorgeous post and a beautiful selection of music that fit the pictures so well.

    I think Daniel Barenboim is an absolute master in the 'Goodbye Symphony'.

  4. Wandring Star,
    thank you! I enjoyed putting this post together.

    I agree about Daniel Barenboim's histrionics and sense of humor displayed during this year's New Year's concert of the Vienna Philharmonic! Even though I knew what was coming, having seen the dress rehearsal, I was enjoying the "surprise" during the actual concert! :-)

    DB is awesome (if I may use this word in its original definition, "inspiring awe"). I saw an interview with him a few days ago, on German TV, about his thoughts about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, by far the most thoughtful commentary I have heard in a long time (here is a link to his thoughts about Gaza - from this site you can, among other links, also click on an interview by Charlie Rose). I wonder if anybody has ever nominated him for the Nobel Peace prize, I would.

  5. Windows, candles, chandeliers, and music...who can ask for anything more? Oh yes, to be in Vienna!

  6. just loved this post the imagery and the music, have been listening for ages, as I love the piano, concertos and sonatas..thank you!!

  7. Oh lala, it's so beautiful!I'm looking for Sissi!!

  8. The music, the images! You have me in love with this post!!!

  9. Merisi, your posts have always set a very high standard, and these 2009 postings are sublime. Fun to see, fun to pursue, delightful in many ways.

    Best wishes!

  10. Another beautiful post! Hope your year is being a good one! :)

  11. Wonderful post and just the music I needed to listen to. Thank you, Merisi.

  12. Celestial Charms,
    sometimes, a little excursion into the countryside carries surprises like this one! :-)

    I tried the find the best onlien offerings and while listening I got a serious case of "need to get those on CD". *smile*

    walking up those stairs and around the rooms, I felt myself enchanted, Sissy could have been shown up any moment, I am sure! Unfortunately, the castle-like summer villa her husband had built for her, is not as lovely a place as Kittsee. Sissi's Hermes Villa has an aura of sterness around her, almost dreary (my opinion, of course). No wonder she escaped to places like Corfu!

  13. YOLI,
    I am with you, utterly enchanted by that place. ;-)

    thank you, you are very kind, I am glad you enjoyed it! :-)

    thank you,
    may it be a very good year in your parts of the world too! :-)

    music is such a great way to indulge, isn't it?

  14. lovely!! i actually posted pics the last couple entries!! on my old blog it was pretty normal to have pics - not as much time now.

  15. Pure heaven...visual beauty to match Papa Haydn's sublime music.

    Where do you find the time to make these wonderful essays for us?


  16. Oh Merisi, the photo with the drapery is outstanding. What artistry.

  17. CozyMama,
    thank you!
    I shall look for yours! :-)

    have you ever visited Haydn's birthplace?

    Where do you find the time to make these wonderful essays for us? Thank you for the kind words! Finding the time? Well, I do publish rather erratically, due to time constraints, on the other hand, creating a post is a nice way to wind down, in the evening or late at night, as with this post, created in the wee hours. I had listened to Haydn's Andante Cantabile and somehow the images of my visit to Schloss Kittsee appeared in my mind and gave me the inspiration for this post. Following wherever my creative mood stirs me is the secret behind my blog, the only way I know how to be able to post fairly regularly. By the time the post appears on the blog, I have had my fun. It is very rewarding, however, to hear from readers like you that they enjoyed the one or other of my little plays. ;-)

    thank you, Sue!
    A breeze from the open window and a few sun rays reflected from a window pane were the hidden helpers;-)

  18. These photos are so elegant, Merisi. Later in the week when I'm in my studio I'm going to click on and use your post as my jukebox, that way I can really take the time to listen to all of your selections. Hayden is one of my favorites.
    Hope you have some sunny days ahead after all the grey - but your grey, I see, is more beautiful than mine!


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