Wednesday 3 December 2008

Viennese Moments in Gray

Fiaker Horses
St. Stephen's Cathedral

Home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's
New Year's Concert

Akademisches Gymnasium Wien I
High School

Beethoven Square


ÖBV Buchhandlung
Corner of Schwarzenbergstraße and Hegelgasse

ÖBV Buchhandlung

Coffee Break
Grand Hotel
Kärntner Ring 9

Hotel Imperial
Kärntner Ring 16

Newspaper Stand and Tram Stop
Kärntner Ring

Fiaker Ride


  1. Beautiful, though I think I prefere the green moments.

  2. I took these during heavy rains,
    on a Saturday morning, very little available light. I confess that I like Vienna even when it rains, there's an element of sweetness and comfort in gray, wouldn't you agree?

  3. Handsome, handsome horses. But the thing that really strikes me is your oh-so-elegant coffee breaks. I could get used to those.
    (((long sigh)))

  4. Beautiful, even on a gray day.

  5. Beautiful sights of gray in a beautiful city. It seems peaceful. Love the first photo of the horses and the gothic window arches at the Akademisches Gymnasium. You make me smile every time there's a cup of coffee :D Like I said the other day, coming to your sight during the holidays is like opening another window in an advent calendar. What a treat!


  6. Hey Merici,
    Love the looks of that woman riding the carriage! It just occurred to me that you find many place where there are no people present in Vienna!
    How is that?
    Hope you are well!

  7. I love the windows on that gymnasium. Very interesting.

  8. Horses will always draw me in, sigh. I feel for the carriage horses in the rain...what miserable working conditions. Oh, to see a photo outside the Spanish Riding School location...

  9. willow,
    oh yes, the coffee breaks,
    one of the comforts of a hardship post like Vienna! ;-)))

    I agree! :-)

    you are welcome! :-)

    Constance, you see few people because I either walk early in the day, before the stores open, or along side streets, which fewer people use (even though they are just a few doorways away). Sometimes I wait for people to turn a corner. ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    this school was built in the years 1863-1866, and a number of famous Austrian poets spent their high school years there, Arthur Schnitzler among them (Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" was based on Schnitzler's "Traumnovelle", the original story was set in Vienna), the famous "Kaffeehausliterat" Peter Altenberg went there, as did Hugo von Hoffmannsthal.

  10. Barbara Martin,
    Click here, for an evening scene in the courtyard of the Riding Stables, with a few Lipizzaner horses: I took this picture a year ago. Renovations have been going on there for a while, I shall try to remember to stop by there.

  11. Grey or not, these are elegant photos. I especially like the watery reflections on the ping pong table and the horses sharing a secret.

  12. You make Vienna look majestic, even in the rain!

  13. I may have to fly over there to meet you for coffee and some sweet treat as I feel I am missing out here...@:}

  14. Love the horses. Do you ever go to see the Spanish Riding School? I would love to visit that. Always wanted to!

  15. I do agree there is comfort in gray skies. I especially enjoy the gray you see right before a snow fall. Enjoy your gray skies - here the temperature has dropped but there is nothing but sun.

  16. Viennese Moments in Gray...
    Viennese Dove grey...
    Pearl grey?
    Definitely not slate gray or Davy's grey...
    Even the ole gray mares are kissing in Vienna...

  17. I love the ambiance on all these photos

  18. I popped back to see the Flaker horses and only now noticed the "click here" on your response to me. (It comes of reading in the dark). The horses are fortunate to live in a place where they are properly cared for. Thank you.


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