Tuesday 2 December 2008

Coffee, Anyone?

As If the Shop Windows
were not tempting enough

Or the Original Fifties Interior
not alone worth a visit
(note the coffee containers
in the background

Or These Embroidered Gauze Bags
filled with Italian Torroncini
not sinful enough to be afraid
of even looking at them,

This Little Coffee Shop,
on top of all that,
also brews the best coffee
in all of Vienna!

The Naber Kaffee company
has been roasting
coffee in Vienna since 1908,
a 100 years
The Wiedner Hauptstrasse shop
is one of only two still operated
by the parent company.

Naber Kaffee
Wiedner Hauptstraße 40
4th District


  1. Is there no end to the charms of Vienna? Looking forward to all of your holiday posts.

  2. The best coffee, in all of Vienna, no less? Can it get any better than that? I'm sitting here this morning sipping my house blend (Chock Full of Nuts mixed with French Market, my homemade New York/New Orleans blend) and enjoying all your posts and wonderful photography...nice relaxing morning indeed!

  3. Oh, just looking at that photo, I'm craving coffee!

  4. "Oh, wow!" I said as I scrolled past each image. These are just wonderful, my friend. (Your posts often leave me feeling hungry for coffee and chocolate!)

  5. The coffee looks so delicious. I wish I had a cup of it right now.
    I love the way you capture the essence of your city.

  6. The best ciffee in all of Vienna! That must be something.

  7. coffee not ciffee!!!

  8. A Thousand Clapping Hands,
    definitely not, dear Catherine,
    I may run out of energy before that. ;-)

    Lori Lynn,
    yes, in my opinion, three times yes! "Chock Full of Nuts", makes me feel nostalgic! :-)

    I can only stand looking because I am sipping a cup of Naber right now (home brewed with my little Alessi). *cheers*

    Charles Gramlich,
    I like to top my homemade brew with cinnamon, Naber topped it with cocoa.

    thank you! :-)

    thank you! :-)

    Andre Veloux,
    it really is quite something,
    better, it's the tops!

  9. You know this is my weakness.

  10. Thanks for sharing such delightful insights into this grand and lovely city.


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