Friday 26 December 2008

On the Second Day of Christmas

On the Road
Searching for those elusive
Two Turtle Doves

Searching High
Among the treetops
And the mistletoes

Asking Saints
To please bend

And Check
Behind the fence

I Even Walked
Down to the river

But All I Got
Are these two grandstanding birds,
forcing me to wrench the text
while all they do
is risking to rick their necks

Photographed on the grounds
of Ardagger Abbey
and along the Danube river
28 December 2008
Lower Austria


  1. Merisi, wonderful end to my Sunday. Happy week to you, and happy new year if I don't comment again (or even if I do!).

  2. You are amazing Maria.
    I look forward to following ups on this one :-)

    By the way, we are talking about Roma and Venezia in late spring/early summer. When will you be back?

  3. I was in Austria yesterday and I didn't see this...
    Well actually I paid a call on DEMEL'S in The Plaza Hotel :)
    I will go back for a hot chockie when it's less crowded with Xmas tourists...
    I can't wait!!!

  4. Lovely images--keep looking for those birds--I'm enjoying your haunts along the way.

  5. I just love your adptation of the 12 days. So perfect in every way.
    I watched the movie Sound of Music last night and thought of you and Austria. Such a beautiful country that had such hard struggles. Thanks for showing me this country.

  6. Found your doves yet? Looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas. Hope you had a beautiful holiday, Merisi. Happy, happy New Year to you.

  7. Great pics as always. And your comments here make a nice complimentary poem. They have a nice rhythm to them.

  8. And what a beautiful road it is! Someday I'm going to have to explore the Danube. Gorgeous...and very tempting.

  9. Dear friends,

    I cannot describe the gratitude I feel when I read your comments, just let it be said: They make my day! :-)

    Thank you!

    I am expecting a visitor from back home in the States, a friend of more than twenty years. My time online over the next few days will still be very limited, but I can promise you more images from a trip along a stretch of the Danube and more of Vienna, of course. I shall sit in at the dress rehearsal of this year's New Year's Concert in a few hours, thinking of you!

    With best wishes for a Happy New Year, and a big thank you to you,

  10. I can't wait to see and listen to the New Year's Concert on Thursday. I never miss it!!!!!

    Will be thinking of you!

    Are you really going there?????

  11. that was great and as usual fantastic pics.

  12. Well, of course the Turtle Dove is actually a summer migrant to Europe from Africa, with the Swallow and Cuckoo, so I imagine they would be rather hard to find in December!

    But I have to admit that the pair of Long-tailed Tits that you found makes an excellent replacement!

    You have made a lovely story of it!

  13. Nice little story leading up to the two birds, and great photos to tell the tale.


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