Friday 26 December 2008

Boxing Day

"Lifelong Warrenty"
Illuminated Box

Store window

"Imagine a lost traveler knocking on his door
one dark night in the hill country of Spain.
"Come in, " he would say, "I was just painting myself,"
as he stood in the doorway holding up the wand of a brush,
illuminated in the blaze of his famous candle hat".

"... illuminated in the blaze of his famous candle hat",
that was the line that came to mind
when I photographed this illuminated box.
It is the last one of Billy Collins' ruminations
about the story behind Goyas famous self-portrait,
with an "extraordinary hat on his head
which is fitted around the brim with candle holders,
a device that allowed him to work into the night

Our minds do play these tricks on us,
don't they?
We encounter an image,
and a line like this, sometimes a whole poem,
cascades out of it,
only for us to be seen and heard.

Behind the scenes,
I am working to repeat last year's
"Twelve Days of Christmas" series.
I have already reserved space
for yesterday's and today's posts,
but I am far from ready to
publish them.
The house is still full
of hungry guests,
and seasonal observations
need to be enjoyed too,
before I can play more with my blog.
Until then,
best wishes from my home to yours,
may your days be filled
with wonder and joy!


  1. I wish you happy and blessed days of Christmas Merisis. With the house filled with people and laughter.

    Hope we will be able to meet again next year (I might be coming to Wien.....)

  2. Merisi, enjoy your family and friends. May this time of Christmas fill you with joy and wonder.

  3. Fijne Feestdagen (Happy Holidays) from the Netherlands! Thank you for all the beautiful images you have given us this year :-)

  4. Best wishes to you, too! Have a wonderful time with your family and friends.


  5. Happy Holidays to you and your family. I see the first of the 12 days of Christmas is up. I can't wait to see the rest...

  6. Merry Christmas, Merisi and a Happy New Year filled with perfect photo shots!

  7. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

  8. Do continue to enjoy the spirit of the season Merisi. Happy holidays, and best wishes from me to you and yours.
    - celine

  9. Yes, some images do remind us of some lines.

  10. Hurray for the hungry guests!!!
    I imagine you, running from the kitchen, to the christmas tree, to the computer, to the living-room, keeping on smiling and speaking, thinking of our twelve days of Christmas, may be singing, as the perfect hostess you are!
    Happy boxing day!( what a nice name!!)

  11. Happy New Year Merisi!!



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