Sunday 7 December 2008

Christmas Market at Karlsplatz

"Rejoice And Be Merry!"
Divina Art Christmas Market 2008


Paper-Mâché Angel
at the straw-filled pond in front of St. Charles

Straw-Filled Pond
Many a child's delight

Advent Wreath
with candles and gingerbread stars

The Arts and Crafts
Christmas Market at Karlsplatz
dedicated to arts and crafts from Austria,
is open daily from noon until 8pm,
through December 23rd, 2008.

Click on the above image
for more information about
this arts and crafts fair
and the participating craftspeople and artists.


  1. I love Christmas markets. I was at one just yesterday!

  2. A straw filled pond. That looks like fun.

  3. tut-tut,
    are you going to show us some pictures? I would love to see your Christmas market!

    Charles Gramlich,
    believe me, those wee ones love it! The pond was filled with their laughter, and I saw them building more than one straw castle (must not have heard yet of the three little pigs' ill-fated straw house! *g*).

  4. Oh that was one big guardian angel. I could use one in my corner. thanks for stopping by.

  5. Beautiful Christmas market, and just love the first photo of the angel.

  6. Da gehe ich morgen auch hin, mit Tochter und Schulfreund der Tochter :-)Ich freue mich schon sehr, vor allem da ich gesehen habe wie schön es dort wieder ist

  7. Christmas markets are so much fun! The best of my Christmas ornaments were always found in them.

    Congratulations on makind David's list.


  8. l love chrsitmas europe...we dont do them very well at all...more old ladies like craft fairs..without the festive bling!

  9. Your photos are lovely, and you've captured the air of excitement in the children. Very nice post.

  10. Over from David's . . .

    I have never been to a Christmas Market before . . .well, not like the above photo's. Straw pond - neat!

  11. What a beautiful place! So festive. Perfect to get one into the holiday spirit.

    Over from Authorblog.

  12. Oh my GOSH, how absolutely gorgeous your shots are... I would love to visit there, it looks like so much fun.

    I'm also here from David's, congrats on POTD :)

    You have a new reader.

  13. This would be so much fun to attend. Wish it were possible to be there.


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