Monday 8 December 2008

Amaryllis in the Evening

Pink Clouds and Red Amaryllis
From My Window
Monday Night


  1. I've always enjoyed the sound of that flower name, although I'm still not sure I can pronounce it right myself.

  2. Amaryllis are one of my favourite flowers for Christmas. Beautiful photos.

  3. Charles Gramlich,
    I am not quite sure if my spelling is right. ;-)

    Barbara Martin,
    I plant several bulbs every winter, carefully selecting the color, whites only. Well, this one not only blooms way ahead of the others, it also turned out to be red. *smile*

  4. Simply beautitious...just made up the word. Lovely shots Merisi.

  5. Truly beautiful! Such rich colors! The skies remind me of ours here in Washington. Thanks for the gorgeous photos!

  6. What beautiful photos! I especially love that last one. Thanks for posting them :).

  7. Beautiful. Tough word to say with a hangover!

  8. I wasn't able to force my Amaryllis this year in time for Christmas - a tradition for me. They're so beautiful. Will get some bulbs as soon as I can and at least have them for January. In the meantime I'll enjoy these from your magnificent city.

  9. Such a gorgeous red!
    My amaryllis from last Christmas is residing under my kitchen sink in the dark... I shall get it out at Christmas and give it some water, and see if it will bloom again... I hope so!

  10. yes! amaryllis. I have two in my room. both blooming right now. One is a pink and white. The other is red and white. Pink has 5 flowers on it! I never seen that before.

    Have photos too but still on the camera.

  11. I love the color!

  12. The sky is serene and the flowers are beautiful.
    A beautiful post!

  13. Photowannabe,
    thank you, your sweetitious! :-)

    Sylvia K,
    thank you! :-)

    Marilyn Brant,
    you are welcome! :-)

    David McMahon,
    David, is this really you? *grin*
    There must have been great celebrations going on downunder, to put you in such a state! ;-)

  14. A Thousand Clapping Hands,
    I never managed to get a repeat performance out of my Amaryllis,
    and lately I simply give them away when they stop blooming.

    I have planted them later in December, to have them blooming after I take the Christmas tree down. This year, I simply did not want to wait. ;-)

  15. Shammickite,
    good luck and great blooms! :-)

    I am looking forward to your photos! :-)

    yes, what a gorgeous surprise! :-)

    thank you! :-)

  16. However, let not the Amaryllis detract from the great pictures of the alto-cumulus at the top!

  17. Queen of the Rose photos and now Queen of the Amaryllis photos as well! Don't you just love their red color?! Happy Tuesday!


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