Tuesday 7 October 2008

City Life in Solids and Stripes

Solids and Stripes
Captured on
October 7th, 2008
Michaelerplatz to MuseumsQartier

The End


  1. Gorgeous, zingy colours against the neutral townscape, beautifully observed. I love your tales of Vienna!

  2. Eine Fiakerfahrt im Herbst. Nur in Wien

  3. I'll take that stack O' berets Puleeeze!

  4. The glass shots are interesting. Such reflections. And the women carrying the big pink vase.

  5. LOVE THIS POST!!! First of all, because I believe that's a SCOTTY in the last photo!!! The colors are captivating and I love it when you are capturing photos of what people are wearing there and what's in the store windows. A long time ago, you did a few posts where the theme was a certain color. That is always in the front of my mind each day....."What will today's color be in my world?".....stupid, but fun :) I liked the green apples and the green chairs....nice composition. The red and polka dot bike is so funky! Was it a young person riding it? I just love your town!!

  6. Delightful series showing fascinating City life. I love the first 2 with all the angles and lines but oh, the human interest shots are so provocitive and interesting. Love the shocking pink vase and the little dog tagging along in the next to last shot.
    Your photography is such a breath of fresh air.

  7. SUE,
    thank you! :-)

    it felt like summer yesterday, didn't it? I almost regretted not having taken the metro, I was not dressed for so much sunshine. ;-)

    oh! :-) I had to steal that picture, as if I were in Paris proper:
    The shopkeeper (owner?) does not like pictures being taken of her shopwindow! (I think she worries about her original hat designs being kopied, I can empathize with that.)

    those ladies with their magenta vase was interesting, and it happened right after I had captured a door of the same color! ;-)

    thank you :-)
    The red polka-dot bike is part of the window display, so to speak. It's a store that sells beads and beading materials.

    The first two images are of the shop window and awning of the Valento boutique here. I simply love that corner, stops me in my tracks every time, even when I don't have an extra minute to spare (that where I get "stuck" when I am late for an appointment *g*).

  8. Very fine, always, but too much photos for one day ! Smile...

  9. These solids and stripes are wonderful! I love that marvelous, bright pink vase/urn, too--it looks like it would be heavy, but they seem to be easily managing it! And the pink against the green--yum! I agree with Carol, too--love those berets! This was fun. I feel like a major voyeur..."in a good way."

  10. Oh how nice a stroll I've just taken...my favorite view was the two ladies walking a pot and a Scotty! What fun...

  11. Merisi...you have quite an eye! I enjoyed every one of these. Oh, to see Vienna through your eyes. What a treat!

  12. Absolutely marvelous! Great concept, beautifully shot. Loved it!


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