Tuesday 28 October 2008

Pisa by the Sea

Fishing at the Shore of the Arno River
Bocca d'Arno
Arno River Estuary
Marina di Pisa
Tuscany, Italy

Where the Arno River Meets the Ligurian Sea
Marina di Pisa

On the Horizon,
The Apuan Alps rise from the plains.
The quarries of Carrara and Pietrasanta,
located in the Massa-Carrara area of this mountain range,
are famous for the exquisite white and blue-gray marble found there.

Michelangelo Buonarroti travelled there by horse,
to select the marble for his sculptures,
but he was only one of many artists,
from way back in Roman times,
to appreciate its outstanding beauty.

Marina di Pisa
Clicking on the pictures
will take you to more information
about the Arno river, the Apuan Alps, Michaelango Buonarroti,
and the sea-side resort of Marina di Pisa.

Where does this wall lead to?
You expected
somewhat different pictures
of Pisa?
In the meantime,
take a hint from the song
I hid for you behind this picture


  1. This is why I love puzzle books, they have the answer in the back! I guess I'll have to wait to see how the clue is a video. In the meantime I love that song, it's so uplifting.

  2. Wanna be relaxing in that warm sun.

  3. The azure sea looks inviting enough to swim in, or at least for a paddle. I wonder what the anglers were catching.

  4. Lovely pictures Merisi, seldom does one see a sky as blue anywhere else.

    Thank you for taking us on that trip with you.

  5. Love that song. The way you hide things behind these pictures is something I look forward to.

  6. I have a big, beautiful scarf I bought in Pisa that always makes me feel pretty when I wear it, and wearing it instantly takes me back to that fabulous place. I think the leaning tower isn't so leaning since they've worked on it some in the last few years, eh? Did you play tourist and pretend you were holding it up the way everyone does?! ;)) These are all just lovely images here...

  7. Marina di Pisa.........that looks like my kind of place! I'm sure I'd enjoy a long afternoon, watching the waves crash onto the rock jetty while maybe sipping a little glass of limoncella (did I spell that right?). I love "traveling" with you!

  8. The sea looks so serene and inviting

  9. You have such a unique way of involving your readers..I love that song...Lean on me..

  10. I love the area around Pisa. I once spent a memorable week walking in the Apual mountains and visiting the marble quarries.

  11. I like the azure in these lovely photographs.


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