Sunday 27 July 2008

Sunday Morning


  1. What lovely pictures and music for a Sunday morning. I like Callas' sparling necklace - a bright spark on a grey misty day in England.

  2. Totally inspiring photos and a good Sunday morning to you, M.

  3. Beautiful work - I've just been cutting back my roses!!

  4. So clam and delicious.
    I swear I'll get to Vienna soon.
    The Frazzled teddy below was a very special fellow.
    Much too hot and sticky in New York.

  5. Yes, very nice for a Sunday morning. Especially over what my daughter calls a 'cupofchino'.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. You missed by a few minutes the new post. I wonder what you think of my photographing skills of my food!

  6. That's about how my figs look currently (although my tree is not that large yet. Looking forward to ripe fruit hopefully in August?)

  7. The roses are so lovely....can just imagine their aroma :) Summer is a beautiful time in your town! How fortunate you are to live there.

  8. are those figs?
    i could eat that photo,
    they look that good.

    :-) are so lucky!
    they cost $$$$
    now in the market.

    i could also eat the roses, too }}

  9. A fig tree!
    I knew I forgot something!
    I've planted the lemon, the orange, the mandarin, the white mulberry, the black mulberry, the loquat, the white nectarine, the passionfruit - but I forgot the fig!!
    Aren't they a beautiful tree?

  10. MAALIE:
    You are welcome! :-)
    I hope the weather gods have been busy in the meantime, and sent you some warm sunshine!

    Thank you! :-)
    So nice to see you, you must be very busy this time of the year, with restaurants by the seaside (I would be the fist one to drop in, were I only a little closer! *g*).

    Thank you! :-)
    I have a hard time imagining that you are in the middle of the winter, hoping for spring. ;-)

    Thank you! :-)
    Oh, how could I forget the hot humid summerdays on the East Coast? In Washington, the humidity from the Mexican Gulf arrived in April, if we were unlucky. I hope you do get at least a few glorious days with fresh dry air from Canada!
    We had a bit of rain last week (good for me, sort of, easier to stay indoors and work), now summer's back full force.
    Those teddies, oh, I adore the owner for sharing his wonderful collection with the public! :-)

    Sunday mornings simply are special. A fine cup of cappuccino brightens them even further. ;-)
    Your food photography skills are devishly good and impressive: Each and every time I spy a can of tomatoes, your image with a few limp peeled tomatoes on a rasher of hard biscuit appears before my eyes. I wonder why. ;-)))

    Tara, that fig tree has more the size of a bush, and grows in a pot, albeit a very large one. Nothing beats the taste of a sweet ripe fig plucked right from the tree! We did have a fig tree in Washington DC, on the south side of the house. Frost damaged it a bit most winters, but it always grew back, to carry fruit.

    I consider myself truly fortunate, to have come to live in this town, and calling it my home now. I love the place throughout the year, but summers are special. I always feel on vacation when I manage to sneak a walk through its streets and alleys and courtyards.

    I love how there are roses growing all around town. Those at Heiligenkreuzerhof are veritable trees, never seen any larger and more profusely blooming ones.
    The fig tree belongs to a restaurant, you can sit under it and enjoy delicious Italian food, a little snack, a tramezzino perhaps? ;-)

    Cynthia, fig trees are magic trees, if you ask me. Everything's beautiful about them, even the texture and color of the trunk.
    Are you going out to get a fig tree soon? Good thing, they grow very fast. ;-)

  15. You love the Scottish Highlands?
    Check out Tara's (TLC Illustrations" "Silver Apples of the Moon" blog, she's been to the Highland Games and Clan Gathering at the Pacific Northwest:
    Click here, for an exhaustive photo essay about her annual pilgrimage to this spectacular event! ;-)

  16. So serene, no traffic zooming by, just the fragrance of the morning and the sound of the birds.

  17. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I returned your visit and as always it's beautiful here. Your photos are lovely. Oh those roses.
    Have a good week.


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