Thursday 12 June 2008

UEFA EURO 2008: Coming Up Next

And Here They are!
Polish Soccer Fans Take Vienna

Let Them Eat SacherSoccer Torte!
Soccer Rules at Demel's


Photographed this morning
in front of the Liechtenstein Stadtpalais

(City Palace)


  1. Anonymous12 June, 2008

    Hi Merisi,
    That is a beautiful girl & what is she walking in front of? Is that a banner or is it painted on a building? It's a stunning use of wall space!

  2. It is a billboard in front of Liechtenstein Palais, advertising the Baroque Collection at their museum at Alsergrund, the 9th District.
    I was on my way home, when I spotted her walked in front of it, and I caught her just in time. ;-)

  3. With hair like that she scarcely needs a red scarf to wave on her team :-)

  4. Great photo...looks like a huge piece of Chintz behind her..well done...

  5. MAALIE:
    Beautiful girl, really, a flower among the flowers.

    DEE DEE:
    I will try to find out what that billboard is actually depicting. Could be fabric, could be a porcelain dish.

  6. Anonymous12 June, 2008

    Marta watches football/soccer every night now. Portugal is her favorite team, Ronaldo her favorite player :-)

  7. Yes, that billboard is amazing! Gorgeous flowers at such a large scale - you should find more excuses to take pictures in front of it. :-)


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