Thursday 8 May 2008

Morning in the City

Monday Morning
Parapet figures on the roof
of the St. Charles Borromaeus Rectory
Kreuzherrengasse 1

St. Charles Church
Karlskirche am Karlsplatz

Otto Wagner's Karlsplatz Subway Station
among palm trees lining the
reflecting pool of St. Charles Church Square.

The Reflecting Pool
Vienna University of Technology
View from St. Charles Church

The Church Clock
strikes Seven

Some Folks are Getting Hungry
Pigeons lining up for the first rays
of the early morning sun.

The Early Bird
Catches the First Blueberry Pancakes!


Clicking on the blueberry pancakes
takes you to one of my favorite scenes
of the movie

"Bella Martha" ("Mostly Martha"):

Starred chef Martha (Martina Gedeck)
has been running her restaurant kitchen
in a manner that could be called a tad too uptight lately
and as a consequence she has to comply with her employer's demand that she see a therapist (August Zirner).
Perfectionist Martha's not the type to lie still on a therapist's couch,
she teaches him cooking skills instead.
To avoid similar scenes in my home,
I serve the pancakes with
Vermont Maple Syrup.


  1. Those blueberry pancakes look so yummy, merisi :) I'd have them for breakfast 7 days for the week!

    Looks like you're having excellent weather. Look how bright and blue that vienna sky is.

    It's overcast and muggy here and feeling like we're in the middle of summer.

  2. How very grand and elegant Vienna seems.
    Like a grand Victorian lady - very fastidious.

  3. Greetings from Wales.

    The pigeons seem to be of the melanistic form.

  4. Yum! I loved that movie (Bella Martha)!

  5. Ann,
    I count my blessing every morning when another bright day dawns. This must be one of the most beautiful springs I have ever known (and I thought Washington's or Rome's or Florence's were the epitome of a perfect spring season).

    Vienna is that indeed,
    and a lot of other things (and I for once am glad to be allowed to say that, not being a native *g*).

    thank you (a clear reminder that Vienna should try to get access to the sea, that is something I could fathom to wish for, if I were so inclined *g*).

    I watched it again last night with my youngest (she insisted we buy the DVD). You should be able to catch the actor who plays the therapist in a play, he lives near Munich. You could also hurry to see him act the lead role of Horvath's "Der Jüngste Tag", here at the Josefstädter Theater, a wonderful performance (you'd have to hurry, its run ends at end of this month!).

  6. What a beautiful spring you are having in Vienna! How do those palm trees survive your winters? Happy Friday!


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