Thursday 8 May 2008


Pale Lavender Wisteria
gleaming in the warm light
of a spring evening's Golden Hour.


"For the fast world in that rare glimmer
Puts on the witchery of a dream,
The straight grey buildings, richly dimmer,
The fiery windows, and the stream

With willows leaning quietly over,
The still ecstatic fading skies . . .
And all these, like a waiting lover,
Murmur and gleam, lift lustrous eyes, ... ....

In peace from the wild heart of clamour,
A flower in moonlight, she was there,
Was rippling down white ways of glamour
Quietly laid on wave and air.

Her passing left no leaf a-quiver.
Pale flowers wreathed her white, white brows.
Her feet were silence on the river;
And 'Hush!' she said, between the boughs

From the poem "Blue Evening"
by Rupert Brooke (1887-1915)



  1. perfect, absolutely perfect!

  2. I can't believe you have whisteria already !!! :O

  3. Sigh..... you are such a romantic. In Los Angeles, my wisteria is already verblueht (how to say that in English? been-there-done-that-gone?). You are my daily first hit, your joy, your artistic vision, your Vienna.

  4. Dear Savannah,
    thank you! Would have been the perfect moment to sit on the porch, sipping a mint julep! I always think of you on evenings like this. ;-)

    Dear Carol,
    the wisteria is fading fast, in more southern exposures its color is turning almost white already.

    Liebe Constance,
    thank you for being so sweet and generous with your comments. I would say "withering" or "fading", for want of a more poetic expression (I just checked the dictionary, nothing more, maybe one of our fellow commenters has a suggestion?).

  5. Golden Hour.....a perfect description of the light. In my opinion, the most lovely part of the day. The wisteria and the iron work.....just lovely!

  6. ALLIE,
    I agree! :-)
    I do love the Blue Hour too, escpecially now in May here in Vienna.

  7. Wisterias are one of my favourite flowers. That once a year spectacular show makes it so worth having one in your garden


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