Saturday 21 April 2012

From the Vienna Woods
Where the Wild Things are

Lean On Me

High Noon
Artariastrasse in Neuwaldegg
in the Vienna Woods
where Bärlauch blooms
this time of the year.


As far as I could ascertain,
(Allium ursinum L.,
Bear's garlic, Wild garlic, Ramson)
is the European cousin of
the American ramp
(Allium tricoccum L.).

Photographed in April 2008, published 2008-05-06
To the ones we love


  1. Each picture has a link embedded. ;-)

  2. Anonymous06 May, 2008

    fantastic place and shots

  3. What an extraordinarily clever and imaginative post! The wild garlic is just coming out in full bloom in the woods of northern England now.

    Loved the strato-cumulus cloud formations. I have not heard that BW song before.

    I wonder if you could get a decent schnitzel and some good Austrian wine in Brandl?

  4. Oh Merisi, you found the wild garlic! Beautiful! I love the blossoms so very much!
    I saw it for the first time about 30 years ago in Salzkammergut near Traunsee, Gmunden, there was a little streamlet with lowland forest and blooming wild garlic all around. I remember this moment very vividly and will never forget it. I had a very good and exciting time then. Therefore I still get high when I see the wild garlic in full bloom... ;)

  5. Anonymous06 May, 2008

    Heavenly Merisi...just heavenly. I love the deep greens, the abundant flowers, and the links to the Fuchs Museum well,,words fail me!

    Such opulence,so typically Vienna of that period. I can see my next holiday taking longer and longer as I really must see the Otto Wagner building!

    My deepest thanks.

  6. gorgeous shots, sugar! so cool and refreshing to see. xox

  7. Beautiful wienerwalde! All we need now is some Strauss :-) I would love to walk there one day.

  8. Anonymous06 May, 2008

    Your pics are almost edible.

    I know the smell of that wild garlic (not that I've been to a wood for ages): it is so strong - beautiful and rather disgusting at the same time. :))

  9. Oh... I love Bärlauch - it is a new discovery for me this year. I made a wonderful cream cheese, Bärlauch, sundried tomato spread the other day (inspired from the market cheese shop). I was just wondering what it might be called in English...
    Vienna is so lush and green already - much more so than Munich right now. Your photos make me want to visit.

  10. Spring time in the Vienna Woods. Could anything be more magical?

  11. I love walking in the woods and have done since I was a child. Thanks for taking me along on your trip, it was fantastic!

  12. I wish I could come along with you on your evening walks. I keep saying this, but Vienna is such a beautiful city!

  13. Sublime; I feel very soothed . . .

  14. Merisi - your blog is a breath of beautiful and serene air, as always (I have so missed being able to visit blogs! Hope to be back now for awhile!) It was great fun scrolling down your latest set of entries. It looks so beautifully sunny and springy there (she says from her view of a very grey, dreary, chilly Seattle day...)

  15. The Vienna Woods has such a romantic ring to it.Lovely photos

  16. I'm not sure If I've ever seen the color green displayed with such brilliance.

  17. Beautiful Merisi and this could be my own backyard. The creek is a little wider, the blossoms a little different, but these were so inviting and it feels peaceful, just like home~ Happy Weekend!

  18. Merisi,

    I have never left a comment but visit your site almost daily. It is a small place of beauty and tranquility in a busy, rushed world. I want to say thank you. Not only for today's lovely post, but for ever day.

    Ruth Schall

  19. The woods are beautiful and the path so inviting!

  20. Mary,
    thank you, a wonderful weekend to you too! :-)

    Ruth Schall,
    thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate that you let me know!

    it is a little bit of paradise close to my home.

  21. Ahh Merisi, beautiful as always. I just call it wild garlic and tell my American friends to try it! Never had it until I moved here. Love it so!

  22. It's beautiful, so much !!!!!

  23. Interesting. I love the wild garlic in the woods here too.


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