Tuesday 27 May 2008

And So It Goes

Viennese Horse Drawn Carriage

Latern on a horse drawn carriage,
turning the corner from Herrengasse
into Michaelerplatz.
Notice the cut class and the etched Imperial crown,
a carriage with beautiful details all over

Almost New York
Sky high Cheesecake and Caffé Latte
Served at Vienna's Demel

This is Scheiber's Genußhandlung,
really a vinothèque, masquerading as delicatessen,
at 11 Teinfaltstrasse, only a
a few steps from City Hall and Vienna's National Theater, the Burgtheater.
Imagine, stepping out from your office at City Hall,
you too would rather tell your collegues
that you are going to savour a tasty morsel over at the deli
than admitting that you are indulging yourself,
with a glass of wine or two,
and perchance maybe an olive.
Or three.

Let Them Eat Soccer Balls
Austria's National Soccer Team is set to face
the German team during the European Football Championship next month
The Austrian team did not have to qualify
for this year's games,
but is allowed to participate by virtue of being the co-host,
together with Switzerland
(a mixed blessing at best -
it seems they did not qualify
for any of the previous championships
While the Germans are worried about catching
the measles during their stay in Austria,
the Austrians are far more concerned about the
number of goals they will have to take
(nobody's betting on the Austrians winning!).
Rumor has it
that Demel's baking more than 8 million
chocolate coated Sachertorte soccer balls,
to better comfort the Nation
after the expected desastrous loss.
The number 60
on the sample ball here
does in no way imply the actual score!
Click on the above image,
if you are an optimist.

Euro 2008
Soon, the soccer balls
will start flying.
This is one of the twin mascots
of the European Soccer Championship 2008,
to be held, among other cities, in Vienna.
And yes,
that guy is made of sugar!
Demel's shop window

Zum Schwarzen Kameel
Schanigarten - Sidewalk Café
Life as an endless row
of peony buds,
with crawfish tramezzini and a glass of
Gelber Muskateller wine on the side.

Zum Schwarzen Kameel
Kitchen Window
All style,
and great food.

Akris Austria Boutique
Note to myself:
Add this to my amazon.com wish list!

Dies' Bildnis
ist bezaubernd schön!
Click on the image to listen to
Tamino, who's been enchanted by the portrait!


Bike with Irises
Beethoven lived up this path,
at the Pasqualati House

Public Quarrels
Proof that not everybody's keeping
a beautiful façade!
Seen somewhere around Teinfaltstrasse,
the scene was so boisterous,
I forgot to look for street signs

Rose Garden and Burgtheater
That's where I headed to,
to stop and smell the roses.


  1. Lovely - thanks for another peek into your wonderful new city!

  2. Anonymous27 May, 2008

    Beautiful, Merisi.

  3. Red bike on Beethoven's path my favorite today...love the vivid color of the flowers behind.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It's led me to yours and I've loved looking at all your wonderful photos. I feel like I've just gone traveling right from my desk.

  5. Your photos are always fantastic and today has been no exception...Brilliant! Wish I were there with you....we would have to walk very slowly for me to take it all in :)

    you are welcome!

    Thank you! :-)

    Have you noticed that the colors of the bike and the flowers can be found also in the lady's dress pictured above? ;-)

    my pleasure too! :-)

    DEE DEE:
    Oh, that's the wonderful part of blogging: Once up, you can take all the time in the world to walk around. :-) I wished I had more time to decicate to my posts, on the other hand this gives me opportunity aplenty to learn to create something under pressure. ;-)

  7. Quite amazing pictures. i know I always say the same thing, but I do love how you tell a story with the series of pictures.

  8. I nearly missed the crown on the carriage lamp until you pointed it out. Beautiful pics as usual.

  9. Those photos are amazing. And I was thinking that a lot of them had something in common with the following one... whether similar colours, glass vases, balls, horse-related, glass related, food items and dresses. Whether or not that was your intent, you've displayed some gorgeous photography here. Thanks for that.

  10. Wonderful photos. The carriage lantern is something we don't see here at all. Thank you for sharing your lovely part of the world and stopping to smell the roses.
    Life is good!

    Thank you,
    and don't worry,
    I understand! :-)

    It was easy to spot,
    when the carriage drove by only a few feet from my camera. ;-)

    I do try to find some connection,
    very good eye you got! Thank you. :-)

    Thank you,
    I agree a 100%, life is good!

  12. As I am in Mississippi, this is such a literal world away for me. So, I am genuinely grateful to get to view your world. Thank you for pointing me your way! KC

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  14. What a beautiful page, making me so nostalgic for Vienna, it is a few years now since I last visited, but I see it is always courtly and beautiful. WWW.OWLNIGHT.COM

  15. Greetings from Lapland Merisi!

    What a pity the English will have no opportunity to savour those chocolate soccer balls!

  16. You draw me in and I'm happily staying to see what wonderful things you have to show me...and so I'm spreading the word about just how great I think you are...hope you don't mind!

  17. I don't know which I love the most, your beautiful photography, or the commentaries you make with each setting. So enjoyable merisi, a wonderful tour.

  18. Anonymous28 May, 2008

    The carriage appears to be beautifully maintained! Wonderful stroll through your world as always! :)

  19. When are you FINALLY going to take me to the Schwarze Kamel??? It looks so lovely in that picture!

    Thanks for the (mental) escape! I'm really sick of sitting in the stuffy computer lab at university :-(

  20. What beautiful pictures. Can't begin to choose a favorite. So exciting having the soccer world there. People are so passionate about the sport.

  21. Anonymous29 May, 2008

    Lovely set of photos! LOL! I like the "Almost New York" photo and caption. ;-)


  22. But England didn't qualify! We aren't playing anyone. We will have to support Spain or Poland, or even Austria!

  23. Anonymous29 May, 2008

    Only you to telescope New-York and Vienna! I notice your wish list with gorgeous green dress, when is your birthday????

  24. Another amazing posting!

    We get too much football over here. I used to look forward to the summer as being off season, but they seem to play all through the year now!

    Like the look of that big white horse in the first picture and the lovely red bike further down!


  25. Anonymous29 May, 2008

    Mmmm, how can I praise that cheesecake . . .

    plus living in a city where you 'pass Beethoven's house'.

    Soul food, all of it.

  26. With pictures like this who needs to come to Vienna?
    Just like being there!

  27. Beautiful.
    Every photo of yours is breathless, focussed, and tasty.
    I stop in here whenever I need a breath of fresh air.

  28. So much to see and to do and to shop. I absolutely love the last picture

  29. i'd like to sit on one of those carriage one day :)

  30. lovely and delicious, sugar! ;-) xoxo

  31. There is subtle beauty in EVERYTHING you photograph.

  32. every one of these photos
    makes my heart sing!


    when are you doing your book
    of photos, when?

    did i miss it?

  33. Happy.... Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great one!!!

  34. Hi Merisi, I have just spent a delightful 15 minutes going through your site and savouring the scenes Vienna.
    This is where I come for my fix of culture and finesse.
    Vienna seems like an amazing city and one which I would love to visit one day.
    You have a wonderful way of capturing te atmosphere of your city.
    Definitely one of my favourite sites to visit

  35. Oh wow, what fantastic photographs. The last is the best.:)

  36. Merisi, what variety you have here....

    I like the figurine, and the horse drawn carriage, it reminds me of old Montreal.

    And the cafe with all the tables and buds in vases lined up.... a very lovely shot...

  37. As usual you've given my eyes a treat...and my soul a laugh...okay am I to understand that Austria may very well have the err...soccerballs kicked out of it? Never won a championship? LOL
    My favorite picture is the bicycle with the Iris's...I can see it framed on my living room wall lol!!! Really that is a lovely shot, beauty and the eye of the beholder and all, you know

  38. I love laterns, but the red bike is my favorite. It looks so pretty - here is very hot and humid.

  39. Anonymous05 June, 2008

    I hope you are on vacation and not sick.

  40. Very classy. I have similar horse-and-carriage subjects shot in Quebec City and Melbourne.

  41. To all of you:
    I cannot say how much your comments mean to me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I am back in Vienna, but swamped with things to do, among them end of school year celebrations, including a dinner tonight for our newest High School Graduate.
    I am looking forward to visit you all
    over the coming week.
    In the meantime,
    my very best wishes and heartfelt greetings to all of you,

  42. i would like to ride that bike away. lovely.

  43. Congrats on that mention from David Merisi...Cheers (clinking glasses)

  44. Anonymous12 June, 2008

    I was searching for pictures from Vienna and as a Viennese guy I have to say: WOW - you perfectly got the point with your shots. It is a really nice photowalk to the inner city of Vienna!


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