Tuesday 15 April 2008

No Words

Mocca Club
Linke Wienzeile


  1. Oooh Merisi, that looks like such a den of deliciousness! Some day I will visit Vienna and I will visit all of these wonderful coffee houses and cafes that you have been posting about - the perfect holiday! Gaily skipping (perhaps that is running, the caffeine may get to me!) from cafe to cafe and tasting all those yummy Viennese cakes. Sigh...I may come back about 24 pounds heavier! But what a holiday that would be ; ) (some day, some day.....)

  2. @ A KITE RISES:
    "Den of Deliciousness" is exactly what it is. It is a coffee (and tea!) lover's paradise, you can even choose which kind of coffee beans you want your coffee to be brewed with! Their selection of excellent varieties from all over the world is outstanding.
    I had the best cappuccino I have found so far here in Vienna, even though I ordered "only" the housebrand.

    And yes, do come to Vienna, to get drunk on coffee. You can do the sightseeing "on the side", while walking from one Kaffeehaus to the next. ;-) The Mocca Club is right next to the Vienna Secession building. You'll pass it while walking to your next Kaffeehaus stop, the CAFE' MUSEUM. From there, the Sacher is only 2 minutes away ..... :-)))

  3. It looks wonderful.
    Lovely bright colors -makes me feel right at home!

  4. Who needs words??? :-)


  5. !!!!!!!! (no words)

  6. un posto meraviglioso per disegnare.

  7. Something different again, a new eye, for a a new fantastic post! Warm colors, humour, a new face of Vienna but always wonderful coffee houses! I will follow A Kite Rises... some day!

  8. Dear Marisi, I am living in Vienna for many years and I know many of the places you show in your delicious pictures. It is a pleasure for me to sit in the office and to take a short break and walk with you together through Vienna through your pictures...
    Thank you!

    It reminded me immediately of "your" Marrakesh. ;-)


  10. @ LUC:
    Quando porterai A. finalmente a Vienna? ;-)

    @ BRIDGET:
    Oh yes, do indulge yourself with a trip to Vienna! This one is right next door to the Vienna Secession building, where you can indulge yourself in Gustav Klimt's Beethoven freeze. Walking in the other direction, there's Adolf Loos' Café Museum, which in turn is only a stone's throw from Sacher's, .... ;-)

    @ MARIA:
    Thank you! :-)
    This city really is a treat, don't you agree? I feel blessed being able to share its beauty.

  11. YUM
    How do I become a member of that club?

  12. I will have to print off your entire backlog of posts, if ever I do come to Vienna, Merisi ; ) - so packed full of great ideas and inspiring places to visit. Thank you for the tips! I am rather thrilled with the idea of being able to select what beans I want in my coffee! How perfect :)

  13. Love that fifth photo.
    Beautifully simple.
    And I'd love to try a froothie!

  14. How beautiful are your cups pictures, Merisi!

  15. Merisi, you're the best ambassador of Vienna, how can we resist ?


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