Wednesday 16 April 2008

April Morning Encounters

View of Graben
Tuchlauben and Bognergasse
(Notice the rear view window and windshield?
A bus appeared like a morning ghost
in front of my lens -
and no, it was not a zoom lens

Tea Service
Meinl Café
Graben scene reflected in the window

Zum Schwarzen Kameel
The morning wind
playing with the table cloths

A Coffee Drinker
who found a warm spot in the sun
Bawag Café, Tuchlauben

Warm Blankets
against the early morning's chill
Delia's Caffé

More Warm Blankets
Café at Friedrichstrasse

Leonardo da Vinci in Addidassoccer cleats.
The endUEFA EURO 2008 is near!

Statues in Soccer Cleats
at the Künstlerhaus
To think that this is the venerable building
where the Vienna Secession was founded! ;-)

Can a City Make You Smile?


  1. Can a city leave a smile? ABSOULTUELY! Yours makes me smile every day that I come to your site.

  2. Fantastic pictures..a lovely busy city..I do so enjoy my visit...Dee Dee

  3. I would be happy at any of these cafes, even in the wind!


  4. @ ALLIE:
    And now we are two. ;-)

    @ DEEDEE:
    Thank you, Dee Dee! :-)

    @ EILEEN:
    All those places offer warm interiors, when the weather does not play along for outdoor seating. ;-)

  5. Love that outdoor cafe. I want to have coffee there.

  6. soccer cleats?? My, my!!! That really is whimsy of the highest sort. I love it.

  7. I love the idea of the warm blankets at the cafes. So cozy.

  8. Gotta love those soccer shoes!

  9. blanket for a cafe patron to use? that's pretty neat.

  10. They give you blankets to keep warm!!
    Wonderfully civilized!

  11. Dear Merisi!

    First of all I want to express my delight on this blog! I've been living for abt 10 years in Vienna and I love this city and know how much beauty it has inside!

    Wonderful, magical pictrures you have here, the blog is made with love, one can feel it! :-)

    I would like to ask you a favour - I am a writer-beginner for the magazine VIENNA DELUXE ( and for the Spring issue I wrote a short story about beautful Vienna summer terraces. And of course we need good photos for that, some of them I managed to get from the cafe-owners, but some of them are really unavailable.
    I see a very beautiful picture of Cafe Delia's here in your blog. Could you by any chance give that photo to me (with the blankets) in good quality?

    Hope for your help!

    Once again, thanks for the blog, staying here to read you further anyway,

    kindest regards,


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