Tuesday 1 April 2008

Spring in the City

Green and Gold Delivery
Cartier Store at the corner of
Graben and Kohlmarkt

Remember Yellow and Celeste?
Hermès Boutique

Every time I walk by that store,
I swoon.
Lucky me, there's no charge for that!

Gold Leaf Macaron
A cookie with its very own jewelry
Have I ever mentioned that I am
hopelessly, passionately .... oh well,
Zum Schwarzen Kameel!
I shouldn't spell any secrets
in my bewitched state.

Woman with an Attitude
Dreaming of summer in turquoise
while waiting for the streetcar.
One of these days I shall
ask her out for coffee.

Escada at Graben
Petersplatz window

Hermès Boutique
Shouldn't there be a law
against walking by the Hermès store
with an orange bag?

A Touch of Orange
Cafè Corto e Nero
Wiedner Hauptstraße 48
4th District


Clicking on the images
brings more color
and a song
sung by Nina Simone


  1. bleu bleu bleu!
    schone bleu
    blau = blue in German?

  2. I LOVE it when you photograph what the retailers are putting in their windows! They are so artful! Love the turquoise blue.....I want those blue gloves in the window! Happy Tuesday!!

  3. Love love love these photos, especially Hermes. You have captured all the beautiful things so lovely!
    Makes me want to get on an Austrian Airlines plane and come right over!
    Have a wonderful day in wonderful Wien

  4. Cafè Corto e Nero... Ist das ehemalige alte Hutgeschäft? Entschuldige, dass ich in deutsch kommentiere, aber mein englisch ist einfach schrecklich :-/

  5. Hi Friend,
    Thanks for stopping by. Hermes~~ Swoon!!! Me too!!!!!! All lovely photos. You are so good!


  6. Happy Spring! Love all the photos, especially the cookie with the jewelry. ;-)

    Paz xxoo

  7. @ ParisBreakfasts:
    Yes, "blau" = blue,

    I stole "celeste" = cerulean = himmelblau
    from the Italian (I like its sound and the connotations it evokes when I hear it.

  8. @ allie:
    I could spend my days looking at store windows here and from that Hermès I would pretty much take anything without hesitation. ;-)

    @ susanvon:
    How many days left til the big day? ;-)

  9. Bulgariana:
    Cafè Corto e Nero is fairly new, so you may be right. I'll ask the friend who took me there!

    You are welcome! :-)

    That macaron adds a whole new dimension to "All that glitters", doesn't it? ;-)

  10. Oh how I love Hermes and of course your views of Vienna. Thank goodness we have your blog to remind us of the magic of this wonderful place.

    Cherry xoxoxox

  11. I adore your photos!!! It made me whish come and visit your beautiful city!


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