Sunday 2 March 2008

Venetian Reflections

Il Caffè Florian
Piazza San Marco

Fabris Venezia
Piazza San Marco

Venetian Mask
San Marco

Caffè Quadri
Piazza San Marco

February 2008


  1. Beautiful shots of a city I dream about. Also liked the second shot on your post Of Spring I Sing.

    That's such a profound question you've posed on my latest Odd Shots post. You've really got me thinking.

    Yes, our kids have a lot in common!

  2. This is such a nice selection of photos Merisi.
    The gondolas look so ramantic, but it looks like they must be difficult to control. with those single oars from the back.

  3. I always prefer Florian's to Quadri.
    In fact I was trying to remember Quadri's name the other day.
    Maybe I'll get to Venice next spring.
    Easy Jet now flies direct from Marrakech to Milan.
    We paid 28 Euros round trip......much cheaper than going anywhere on a train in England..........
    I love the reflections.
    Have a peaceful week.

  4. @ david mcmahon:
    Venice is definitely a city to dream about and visit! That second shot reflects a marvellous building I love to photograph, it has such an air of being above the fray around it.

    @ max-e :
    Thank you! :-)
    I have read that it is very difficult getting a gondoliere license, due also to the fact that those gondolas are very hard to control.

    @ Elizabeth:
    I love people watching at both of them, meaning the people that sit inside, and have an air of belonging around them, which is quite an art, don't you agree? ;-)
    Have you looked at flights into Vienna or Bratislava?

  5. Oh I love Venice. I was there in October '04 and had coffee at Caffe Florian where they add a surcharge to your meal for the music played in the Piazza!

    David sent me.

  6. Venice is on my list of places to see and do..your pics just moved it way up that list. Thank you!

    and ya you got it - David sent me!

  7. I really did not expect to see a new perspective on Vienna. You amazed me with the fresh and vibrant insights that you have captured.


  8. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There seem to be little in the line of reflections being posted, now... Thank you!

  9. I love your reflections too. As to your next post, you certainly have an eye for what makes a good an unusual photograph.

  10. I love these photos. I feel like I'm there. Thank you!


  11. Daryl E:
    I haven't sat down there, thank heaven. As an adopted Roman I learned to have my coffee standing at the counter. ;-)

    Venice is a place to visit and then about the rest of your life.

    Thank you!
    Vienna's so different from what I expected to find, I was very skeptic, now I love love love being here. :-)

    Mari-Nanci, I am glad I could show you some. There are more to come! :-)

    Thank you! :-)

    You're welcome! :-)

  12. How beautiful and lovely is all that you share.
    Love Jeanne ^j^


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