Monday 3 March 2008

The Question


Having breakfast at

Egg-shaped Ring
Tiffany's at Kohlmarkt

Blue Bird & Green Bird

Winter Rose
Martha Srna-Modlitby

White and Blue

Is It
Time For Spring?

Vienna Clock Museum
Schulhof 2


  1. Hello! I do not know if I speak to a man or a woman, but it seems to me, by looking your at photograph that you have female feelings.
    Perhaps that I make a mistake, and in that case, please excuse me.:)
    I love pictures of fruits and vegetables on the market. These are colours....

  2. @ DAD:
    Merisi's a girl! ;-)))
    I am not sure if I conveyed that I meant to ask if you shared my impression or feeling that it was time for spring.

  3. Given the "spring storm" we are having this morning I sure hope it's time for spring!
    Your photos sure look like a spring welcome! :)

  4. I vote that, YES, it's time for spring!

    However, whoever is in charge of the weather does not believe in democracy, for I've heard that it's supposed to be around freezing in Salzburg this week :( Let's hope they just meant the mountains...

  5. Gruss Gott:
    Just wanted to note that the green enamel earrings in the Tiffany window are by the famous Tiffany designer, Jean Schlumber, and they are called Paillone, a very fine form of French enamel.
    The are also called the banara earrings, I know cause I have a pair and also the matching bracelet. I will bring them to Wien in April.
    Best to everyone.

  6. I am catching up on my visits today and as I leave your wonderful home find myself not only hungry for some sweet pastries, but hungry foe spring time as well..

    have a blessed day and thank you for sharing.

  7. OK, I'm hooked! I just had to see if a following posting could equal yesterday's. Ya got me!

  8. You are so talented Merisi. I absolutely love how you captured the hummingbird eating out of the mannequin hand. Delightful...all of them.

  9. Ooooo - a clock museum!
    I enlarged that photo - they are fantabulous pieces!

    My goodness you're prolific - I can't keep up - but I'm always whinging about that, aren't I?

    I loved the market day photos - I even looked up who Victor Adler was ( I thought he was a harmonica player!)

  10. Spring is springing! What gorgeously enlivening images, Merisi. Are you going to be posting images from an Easter Market? I've always loved the decorations that appear for Easter in Austria and Germany.

    I don't imagine you do "them" but there's something for you over at my blog. :-)

  11. When I saw the top image load up I thought for a moment there were UFOs over Vienna!

  12. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen = signs of Spring?

  13. Gruss Gott Merisi,
    you take the most beautiful photos of Wien. I have seen this window a million times at the Michaeltor and so has my friend, Duncan Smith, the famous Viennese travel writer, and your photos makes it look so different as though we are seeing it for the first time.
    You are truly so talented. Have you ever done a show at a gallery in Wien?
    When I am there in April, I would love to go on one of your tours around Wien and watch you take your wonderful photos. They are turly magical!
    Danke danke

  14. I vote yes, too! It IS time for spring!


  15. here in Provence, IT IS

  16. Seamus:
    A huge storm system tormented much of Europe over the weekend, temperatures fell, but that can only be temporary now.

    Nicole P :
    Thank you, Nicole! :-)

    Catharina :
    You'll see, Vienna's set for spring! :-)

  17. susanvon:
    Thank you for these interesting details! I will add them to the post, if you don't mind! :-)

    Thank you!

    John-Michael :
    Glad it did, thank you! :-)

    Thank you!

    Harmonica player? *sweet*
    The clock collection belonged to a well-known female writer, I shall blog about it as soon as I get a chance to take more pictures!

    Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah):
    Thank you! :-)
    The Easter markets are being set up already, they should open on Friday. I will keep you informed.

    Oh yes, aren't the Martians known for the fabulous curlicues they decorate their space ships with? ;-)

  18. Parisbreakfasts:
    Green, flowers, sweet air, dainty clouds, Gold bunnies, outdoor tables, and more = Spring, yes! ;-)

    In Vienna, one must always look up (well, often!), there's a whole city to discover up there. I think Vienna is made of various layers, just like the good Torten. ;-)
    Did you notice how the shade falls like a curlicue inside the window frame, repeating the curlicues of the window bars?

  19. Paz:
    I'm with you! :-)

    It must be beautiful so far down South!

  20. Nice shots Merisi, especially that window


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