Sunday 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Merisi - what a beautiful table yo have laid! I would love to light one of those pale green candles and join you for a taste of the displayed bread/buns and a sip of coffee ; ) Enjoy your Easter treats. x

  2. che bella tavola !!! ho sbirciato anche da catharina !!! tanti tanti auguri di buona pasqua e pasquetta ... è un periodo un po' duro qui, problemi di salute del babbo. ma la pasqua comunque rischiara un pochino. in più oggi è anche il compleanno di adele. siamo stati bene, e lei ha fatto anche il "babà". abbracci.

  3. Happy Easter from a swowy North East England!

  4. I LOVE your just pictures post!
    I want tobe a copy cat and do that too! ! !
    Love the last table where was that pray tell?
    Bon Paques

  5. What fantastic Easter decorations! Hope you had a Happy Easter with lots of lovely Vienese Chocolate!

  6. Happy Easter, Merisi! Einen tollen Ostertisch hattet ihr!

    I had not yet put the plates with the food on the table. ;-)

    You know where to spy! :-)
    Happy birthday to Adele, wished I could have sampled the "babà".

    Happy Easter to you too!
    The forecast for Vienna is snow tomorrow.

    I am glad to like my wordless post , that's the way I started out. ;-)
    How to you like the little jelly chix on my cake? Buona Pasqua!

    I hope your Easter Sunday was as lovely as mine! No Viennese chocolate, we are all addicted to Swiss Lindt Gold Bunnies. ;-)

    Frohe Ostern!
    Ich tobe meine kindische Seite für mein Leben gern beim Tischdekorieren aus. ;-)

  8. I love your Easter table....such a beautiful array of color contrasted with the white! Very, very pretty.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter...though I know it's almost over where you are.


  9. What a lovely Easter spread! Happy Easter Merisi!

  10. MAALIE:
    We don't eat Peter, only the chocolate version. ;-)

    Thank you! :-)
    Luckily, Easter Monday is a holiday here too. I am planning a quiet day. :-)

    Happy Easter to you too, Seamus!

  11. green eggs, but no ham! oh well!

    Happy Easter! (although it's Monday morning in Deutschland already..)

  12. You did a beautiful job with the table.

    Happy Easter!!

  13. I'd know those Lindt bunnies anywhere! That is a beautifully set table. The lilies of the valley on that egg are marvelous.

  14. What a lovely, sprintime table you the whites and greens and the jelly chix are so whimsical.....Happy Easter to you and yours!!

  15. Oh - Lily of the Valley.
    Isn't it beautiful?
    I'm always on the look out for Shelley china Lily of the Valley cup and saucer - so hard to come by here.

    I love the little chickens - did you bite their heads off?

  16. Happy Easter Merisi! Snowy here yesterday but all gone now.
    Love the painted egg and the table decorations.

  17. @ Brian in Oxford:
    It was Monday not only in Deutschland, in Austria too! :-)))
    The ham was carried out moments after I shot the photos. ;-)

    Thank you,
    I hope your Easter weekend was a good one!

    I must confess that none taste better than those Lindt bunnies. ;-)
    I realized only yesterday that I should have bought a couple of those painted eggs. Somehow that thought did not come up when I photographed them. Well, next year!

  18. allie:
    Thank you. :-)
    Those little jelly chix were my pride and joy. I found them in one of the many sweets shops in Vienna, this one at the Freyung. The lady there was so kind to let me select the colors (typical Viennese experience, you go to these small oldfashioned shops, and they treat you like royalty, even though you only spend a couple of Euros).

  19. @ The mother of this lot:
    Thank you. :-)

    @ Lorenzothellama:
    Well, it snowed here this morning, quite a bit! Now the sun's out there again, and everything smells of spring even though the temperature hovers around 7°.

  20. @ freefalling:
    Cynthia, I would never ever bite the head off these chickens! I did not even touch them, they survived whole at the rim of my plate. ;-)

    When I was a teenager I loved to use Diorissimo perfume, smelling like a patch of Lily of the Valley all over the place. :-)

  21. What a fabulous table! Happy easter, Merisi!

  22. Lovely Easter table with those very lovely Easter eggs.
    Hope everyone had a nice Easter.

  23. So beautiful table! You give ideas for next year, an Easter meal!

  24. So beautiful table! You give ideas for next year, an Easter meal!

  25. Such a lovely egg!

    And I hope you had a lovely day!

  26. A lovely table. I should have come to you for Easter.
    Merisi, don't get under pressure, I was only joking.

  27. becca:
    Thank you, Becca, it wouldn't feel right if I couldn't play with my toys. ;-)

    Thank you, Susan,
    I hope your Easter was lovely as well! We used to go for a walk and picnic on the Potomac near the Seneca Schoolhouse on Seneca Road in Poolesville. I wonder if the Poolesville General Store is still there. How far are the cherry blossoms back home?

    Merci, Bridget. ;-)
    We always celebrate with a long and leisurely breakfast that runs into lunch and then some. No one ever cooks a meal on Easter Sunday, lamb has to wait for Easter Monday.

    Thank you, we were blessed with a lovely day and feast. I hope you were too!

    Maybe next year?
    Don't worry, I thrive under that sort of pressure. ;-)

  28. I am BACK! from the desert! BEAUTIFUL table Merisi! Certainly a lot more creative than a table and chair out of the Landcruiser!

  29. It's TIME! The end of day. My treat. I sit close to the monitor ... lift my glasses to see through the 'good' spot ... and s l o w l y scroll through your masterful work. Ahhhhhh!

    How I have come to love you through the "You" revealed in your expressions.

  30. So charming!
    I hope you had a lovely and peaceful
    Such a pretty table.
    All best wishes

  31. Happy Easter !!

    Bendthe rulz


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