Monday 25 February 2008

Walking into Spring

Photographed in the hills
of Fiesole
and in Florence
February 2008



  1. What a delicious Spring walkies...

  2. I love that third shot - it is so utterly evocative!

  3. Merisi, I was so needing a breath of spring. These are beautiful as are all the ones from Venice. I owe you mille grazies for all.
    All best, Jan

  4. We missed you!
    Beautiful photos as usual.I think the bakery in Florence is the very same one I drooled outside the window of in November.......I was told it has the best cakes in the world but we were waiting to get up a good appetite for dinner.

  5. Beautiful photos! The blossom makes me feel spring has sprung!

  6. went to Venice! Oh Lucky Lucky Merisi...but how fortunate you had your camera, to pick out the best bits. :)The colours in that blossom tree...sigh...

  7. Paris Breakfasts:
    Luckily, Vienna's also in the midst of an early fling with spring.

    Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) :
    Did you notice the dark chocolate powder Florentine fleur-de-lis on the "Schiacciata alla Florentina" sheet cake?

    Must be the same one, I guess. ;-)
    I didn't eat any cake either, but had the best coffee of Florence.

    Maggie May:
    It is warmer now in Vienna than it was in Florence, and for me spring has sprung, if only in my heart and mind. ;-)

    Yes, you are right, lucky I am. I cherish every hour I spent there. I am already dreaming of going back. Soon, I hope.

  8. This just makes me yearn for spring. We keep getting snow! Love the cakes.

  9. I see you have been catching up. Venice looks great. Spring is everywhere and it's not even the end of February.

  10. Simply scrumptious...Hope you've had a grand time in Italy! ((HUGS))

  11. Florence...another great city. You are in the most beautiful places Merisi!!! I have never been to Fiesole, but hear it is great!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  12. Glorious!

    Spring? What's that? >,-) More and more snow falling here, at present.


  13. as always I love the eye you have on small details ..wonderful photos

  14. loved the first pic...what a shot...! Much travelling ...ehan....!


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