Tuesday 12 February 2008

Twilight Walk I

The Austrian Federal Chancellery
Ballhausplatz 2

This early 18th Century building
has been the seat of the highest Austrian
administrative power for nearly 300 years.

The last evening rays
illuminate the lettering and lunette
of the main entrance of the Chancellery.

Portal of the Leopoldine Wing
of the Hofburg,
the Imperial Palace,
lit to a golden hue by the
setting evening sun.
Here are the offices of the
Austrian President located,
right across the square
from the Chancellery.

Volksgarten Fountain
Located at the park's entrance from
the Ballhausplatz/Heldenplatz side.

The Theseus Temple
Only a few steps from Ballhausplatz 2
To the left, beyond the park,
on Ringstrasse,
the Parliament building
and City Hall,
to the right the Burgtheater.


  1. beautiful shots. as for the last one I feel like walking in Athens

  2. The detail in the architecture is stunning.

  3. beautiful..love walking in twilight..architecture is stunning

  4. evlahos:
    Thank you. :-)
    I haven't been to Athens (yet),
    so I think of the Greek temples by the sea, in Paestum, south of Naples.

    Sometimes I get a feeling of drowning, in a sea of stunningly beautiful buildings, even in the outer districts.

    From the Golden into the Blue Hour and Aurora, really hard to choose which one is more magic, isn't it?

  5. -happy sighhhhhhhhhh-



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