Monday 11 February 2008

Out to Skate!

Wiener Eistraum 2008
Viennese Ice Dream 2008

Every year, from January to March, the square and park between Vienna's City Hall and Burgtheater are being transformed into a giant ice-rink, a veritable winter's fairy tale. You can skate to the sound of a Viennese waltz or disco tunes, depending on the time of day. On Sundays, a Jazz brunch may tempt you to step off the ice, and swing a fork. If you'd rather be curling, six curling lanes are beckoning to exert yourself!
At night, the illumination is spectacular.

Stage fright in view of
the Burgtheater?

No reservations
to see a wonderful show!

Enjoying the show!

Special Guest:
Goldie C. Hase
a.k.a. Lindt Gold Bunny.
"C" is for chocolate!


  1. This looks such wonderful fun!
    Wish I was there.
    Am in NY......11'F this morning
    I agree with your comments to Sara about taking photos of the moon - so elusive

  2. lol :) What fun for little Goldie!

  3. Even as much as I like warm weather, this looks like such fun!

  4. I'm afraid I'd have to be a spectator; it's been years since I was on a pair of skates, and I suspect I'd be landing on my bottom rather than gliding serenely.

  5. Oh! Goldie hat sichtlich Spass! Ich muss wirklich mal hin :-))

  6. The light on the building shots is great - long time I've been on ice, and not outdoors....!

  7. So much to comment on but ina tearing hurry! Alas!

    Goldie to delicous. the photos even better. Back soon when I have more time.

    I WANT TO SKATE!!!!!!!!!

  8. I wish you'd stop talking about chocolate!

    I've left you an award at my blog.

  9. Love these pictures. What a delightful place Vienna seems to be.

  10. thank you for your kind comment. You also have a wonderful collection from a city that I would love to visit again.

  11. Goldie is quite well traveled for a little chocolate bunny! And well dressed too, in her golden wrap with red collar.

  12. What is Gelde Hase doing out there?
    Skating too?
    Too, too early to think of Easter...
    I'm still recovering from last Easter!
    The skating looks nice though :)

  13. Such a fine bunny...

    What's her story?

  14. How wonderful to be able to skate in such elevated surroundings with all those beautiful buildings all around. I would dearly love to waltz there with my prince charming! Take 50 years of my age and I would be pirhouetting with the best of them.


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