Saturday 9 February 2008

Saturday Afternoon at Café Ritter

You Are Being Served
Café Ritter
Mariahilfer Strasse 73
6th District

Goldie Hase
having Tea

A Lady and a Gentleman
Having a quiet time

Coca Cola
For the Lady
at the table
next to us.

A Newspaper
Yes Goldie, a newspaper.
Newspaper and Coca Cola,
that's right.

Beer for the Gentlemen
at table no. four

A Lady
having a flirt

A Melange!
Yes, Goldie,
that's a cappuccino,
Viennese style.

Saturday afternoon
Café Ritter

Special guest:
Goldie Hase
(a.k.a. Lindt Gold Bunny)


  1. Beautiful Merisi.
    Love it. A lady having a flirt!


  2. Was Goldie Hase on the menu, or did she come along with you for your tea? Gorgeous photos. What was the sound like? Was there music, or the low rumble of conversation and street sounds? Many clattering dishes?

  3. I love these little slices of cafe life you are showing us!

    I wonder, when you are taking these photos, do your subjects know what you are doing? Do you ever get comments from them?

  4. Your photo sequences create a mood and a clear sense of time and space.You draw the observer into the stories you tell. This is quite a talent.

    PS Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my post today.

  5. These are gorgeous café pictures. I'd like to take more café pictures in France, but where I live they are kind of small and I feel funny doing so. Do you ask for permission or just do it?

  6. Oh my! You're making me homesick for all the things that are part of my blood and heritage. Heisse schokoladen mit schlagobers, gugelhupf and sachertorte and apfelstrudel just like my granny used to make. Sigh. I'm coming back for more!

  7. I love the "Newspaper and Coca Cola" :-)

  8. I loved the pictures .. so professional! Also enjoyed your post on childhood memories of chocolate!
    I will be getting on to my childhood memories at some point!
    Thanks for visiting Una Ragazza Bella!

  9. Rochambeau:
    Her body language is quite expressive, isn't it?

    Goldie Hase kept me company. I would never touch him in any uncalled for manner!
    I don't remember any noises, except some paper rustling, faintly, but no street noises. I felt transported back a hundred years, all so calm and laid-back.

  10. Sara:
    I try to pretend I am not photographing. ;-) I have never had any comments, so maybe I succeeded so far? ;-) Pictures taken on the sly are of course different, not the perfect Kaffeehaus images one finds in books.

    Sandy Carlson:
    Thank you, Sandy. :-)
    These blog is for me like a diary, all I try to do is capture some moments in time, which I may otherwise quickly forget.

  11. betty c:
    No, I do not ask for permission. In Vienna, so many pictures are taken, even using flash (which I never do), but I try to tread really carefully and respectfull of the work and privacy of my subjects. I try to fade into the room, not being noticed as a picture taker.
    I have an enormous respect for the work of the people whom I photograph, the places I picture. One could say I publish only images of places I have come to dearly love and respect. Homesick as I am sometimes for my former home and place, Vienna's been extremely good and welcoming to me. It is full of extremely sweet, hard-working, creative people, a joy to be amongst them.

  12. debbie egizio:
    You are welcome! :-)

    Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah):
    I am looking forward to your visits! :-)


    maggie may:
    You make me chuckle, because of the "professional". You should have seen me yesterday, at the camera store, being totally lost, having once again messed up with the too many buttons on my new camera. Ritter's was my comfort station after that episode. ;-)

  13. I particularly liked the top photo.

  14. elisabeth:
    Those waiters, all dressed up, ready to serve from both sides! ;-)

  15. i love how so many people were reading newspapers. It's so rare to see people reading these days.

  16. Like this photopost story idea -
    yours really catches the atmosphere!
    Very flexible way of posting....

  17. I ended up not publishing the comments you sent about photography because they would have really seemed out of place on the post about Barack Obama! But I read them and thank you for the information.

    I'll probably be going to cafés more now that France has banned smoking in them!

  18. Great post!! Very interesting.

  19. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Wonderful photo essay! :)

  20. Lovely blog. Thank you for your visit to Miller Manor. I hope you come back often. I know I'll come back to Vienna!

  21. I don't think you are allowed to drink coca cola in such a beautiful cafe.

  22. I like the look of that beer! (In fact I like the look of everything!) :o)

  23. How lucky to be Goldie. :-) I'd love to be able to be served at Café Ritter.

    And I'd not have Coke!


  24. I would love to flirt there ....

  25. Delightful Vienna Coffee House. Gentle, quiet yet just a little saucy.


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