Friday 8 February 2008

Roses and Hot Chocolate

I tempt you?

Hot Chocolate?
More whipped cream,
you say?

A spoonful
of sugar?

Another cube of sugar?
A glass of water too?

Milk on the side?
Marbled Guglhupf?
Later, you say?

A Heart of Roses
For all!


Hot Chocolate
Memories of Childhood Past

I had the hot chocolate image in petto since I visited my mother the weekend before last, and I wanted to post it before it got redundant. While I rarely drink it nowadays, the fragrance wafting from a freshly brewed cup of hot chocolate has a Proustian effect on me, evoking times of childhood past. My mother used to serve us children bowls of hot chocolate for breakfast. We loved to drop chunks of good bread into it, filling the dish to the rim. Watching us while we were trying to push the bread with the spoon deeper into the bowl, my mother used to observe, with a wry smile, "Not even a cat treading on it with all four paws could get any more bread in there!"

I can still imagine myself sitting there, my short legs dangling from the kitchen bench, the sun caressing the bleached wood kitchen table. I am slowly spooning up one heavenly tasting bit of chocolate soaked bread after the next, all the while looking out into the world through the kitchen window, full of expectation, trusting that the still young day would bring me nothing but good.

1 - Lavazza poster in front of the Vienna Opera House
2 - Hot Chocolate at Cafe' Prenninger, Ried im Innkreis
3, 4 - Cafe' Diglas, Wollzeile
5 - Private, from my mother in law's collection
6 - Seen yesterday at one of the most creative florists
here in Vienna - have to search for the name


  1. Well, I'm very tempted, but I've given up chocolate for Lent!

  2. Are diabetics allowed in Vienna?
    I bet not...not that I am one..
    Lordie what ever would I do.
    For sure I couldn't visit MErisi's delicious posts!

  3. Excellent photos! What a beguiling post. These are sumptuous, tempting images. Thanks for starting off my day like this!

  4. Hi,
    my answer to "the mother of this lot" comment grew longer than anticipated, so I decided to amend my post (post-posting, so to speak, why should only legislaters amend anyway!).
    I wish you all a great start into the day (afternoon or evening, wherever you are),

  5. Ach! Ich möchte nach Heim kommen!

  6. mmmmmm ... hot chocolate mmmmmm

  7. That narrative enriches the photo essay! Wonderful story. I will try that with my daughter. She loves good bread and good hot chocolate, too. God bless.

  8. There is such drama in your naratives and pictures. I love coming to your blog everyday to see what new thing you have posted.

  9. Such gorgeously warm memories. And wonderful pictures to boot. Wow.
    I just love your blog. The pictures are amazing, and your writing is exquisite!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comment. :)

  10. Steph Waller:
    Sometimes I feel like that too! ;-)


    Sandy Carlson:
    Thank you!
    Crusty white bread tastes best, soaked "medium", the point where the crust still retains some crunchyness. ;-)

  11. photowannabe:
    Thank you, I appreciate that.
    Would it surprise you if I tell you that I surprise myself most of the time? I may start out with an idea, and end up with quite a different story. ;-)

    Thank you, Kathryn!

  12. Picture 1 - transvestite?

    I'll take the hot choc though!

  13. Tempt me......oh, you are too bad Merisi.

    Great childhood story.

  14. What a temptress your first young lady is........

  15. Andre Veloux:
    I think this poster is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Sofia Coppola interpretation of the ill-fated Queen "Marie Antoinette".

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much! ;-)

  16. Elizabeth:
    Imagine her, hanging around at the tramway station, right in front of the State Opera! :-)))

  17. What a beautiful remembrance . . . so evocative. Happy weekend to you! I really enjoy visiting your blog.

  18. Lovely entry, all. Sweet memories along with sweet photos. :-)

    And yes, I *knew* I'd seen that decadent poster recently! :-) In Paris Breakfasts!


  19. I'm tempted! I'm tempted. I'd like some now, this early Saturday morning, please.


  20. I love the Lavazza lady! ;)
    I got your e-mail Merisi, it's ok, send it when you catch a minute :)

  21. Beautiful post, nice mrmories!
    Poor Britt! ;-)

  22. I hope that your mom is doing well and that she doesn't miss her daughter too much.

  23. wonderful photos ! My childhood souvenirs : mint tea and arab donuts ...I would die to go back

  24. Hot choocolate... my favorite beverage.

    There was a time when I drank it every night, even in Philadelphia on hot, muggy summer nights with no air-conditioning.

    Now I've expanded my repertoire, but it's still my favorite.

  25. Hot's a hottie!
    fabulous collection.

  26. Such a wonderful story Merisi ,and a fabulous memory too. cannot remember the last time I had a Hot chocolate. x

  27. Nice memories, stirred up by hot chocolate.

  28. Private:
    Hi Merisi! Glad to hear your mom used to bury the carrots etc. in the sand. On my guided tour of the huge cellar here I was amazed to see the place in the floor where they still do that. I had not heard of it before. Here at Franziskusgemeinschaft they like the old ways and the good simple life.


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