Saturday 26 January 2008

Tea for All

I got only one quick shot
of the tulips being kissed by the morning sun,
then the brief moment was gone.

The apartment came with a white kitchen
with white tiles and red grout,
even on the floor.

Apart from this little design flaw,
it's a great Miele kitchen
with ingenious cabinet features.

I have learned to love it
and play with the red accents.

I even got myself a fire engine red
Kitchenaid mixer. ;-)
Every now and then, I go domestic.
Here's a picture from my blog, dated March 6, 2006:

Help yourself to a cup of tea, please!
(Yes, André,
I do tea:
At least twice daily.)

Warning: Recycled post!
Originally published
on January 17th, 2007,
under the heading

"Kissed by the Sun"


  1. Tea and flowers? I love both!


  2. a post
    well worth the recycling!


    shows how you like *to be green*
    and yellow....

  3. Beautiful swirly glass vase: perfect for tulips.

    Recycling posts and pictures is excellent economy.


  4. paz:

    Thank you! :-)

    sally crawford from london:
    I agree.
    Twice! :-)

  5. Those tuplips are so pretty. I adore the mushrooms too :)

    I'm glad you recycled this post as I had not and probably would not have seen it otherwise.

  6. I like Red, so I'd not have minded the uniqueness of the kitchen. And I think you have 'gone with it' and have a lovely kitchen.

    I see little toadstools, and a little skiing snowman, but where is the gnome? I thought I remembered a little kitchen gnome, on your counter, back a ways... :-)

    I've thought it before and not said it and so, I will say it this time... When you show us pictures from your apartment, it looks as if you have fantastic windows. Bright! Letting in the sun and nature. I love that!!! I like windows open {not closing drapes until I really have to, I mean}. I love your lovely windows.


  7. It was another picture of your kitchen window that made me visit your blog (it showed up when I Googled something-or-other).

    You've done a beautiful job working with the red grout. Lovely!

  8. Ann:
    I love the red mushrooms with the white dots, my collections is small, but full of memories of the places or people I associate with them.

    The little nome usually hides on a shelf from where he can look out into the garden through the window.
    Every now and then I take him down and play with him. ;-)
    The apartment has has great light thanks to tall windows (built in 1905, where light apparently was appreciated).

    steph waller:
    Who would have thought that somebody would find my blog via my kitchen window? ;-)
    I guess I would miss the red grout if I had to do without now. :-)

  9. Thank you for your visit to my blog...I am glad you posted a comment. I will e-mail you soon...your kindness blows me away :)
    When I saw your red grout I thought to myself...hmmmmm!!! I have white tile over my counters and on my grout now that is interesting...I could re grout :)
    Your photos are wonderful and I would like some tea please...perhaps one of those lovely Viennese pastry?

  10. I was delighted to discover your blog today; your photos are lovely, as are your words and the poems you post! I'm an American of Austrian descent and I posted about Krampus on my blog last month -- yours is the only other blog where I've ever seen him mentioned.

  11. You've made this kitchen look really groovy! FAB!
    Also all the tulips look wonderful. Glad you had a nice lunch with your teenager :-)) (I LOVE taking our son out for a meal)

  12. Oooooooooooooo
    I LOVE that white tile with red grout/groat/groan...
    Can't spell worth a damn but I knows what I likes!
    Very pretty post..
    Do you have a mini version of that tea tray?
    I wanna paint it!

  13. I, too, have a fire-engine red KitchenAid mixer. One of my favorite possessions.

  14. I had to laugh at your comments about teenagers!
    Mine are now grown.
    Please send me one of those sugar powdered doughnuts.........or perhaps two.
    I have been tagged to ask blogging friends to give hints about 'fabulous blogging'.
    Would you like to offer some sage advice in a blog?
    But I can certainly understand if you're too busy.

  15. I shall I be mother (you are familiar with this phrase aren't you)? Cakes look good to.

    A Miele kitchen, that sounds very flash and nice. But what's Limoncello in a small pot, I'm used to it in bottles!

  16. Mo'a:
    You are welcome! :-)
    Take your choice of sweet treat!

    Welcome! Krampus was such a memorable part of my childhood, I could never forget about him. ;-)

  17. elizabeth:
    Yes, groovy is the word! :-)))

    Unfortunately I do not own a mini-version of that old Ikea tray (it was once plain wood, then my son painted it for me white).

    Red KitchenAid! Red Radio Flyer too?

    debbie egizio:
    Thank you! :-)

  18. elizabeth:
    Faschingskrapfen are on their way to Marrakesh!
    Sage advise about blogging?
    I am afraid I am the one in need of advise. I shall keep an eye of the responses you get! ;-)

    Andre Veloux:
    Oh, you are welcome to be mother! :-)
    One of my children's male playmates once asked if she'd let him be father. Lots of giggles were the answer.
    The kitchen ages well, I would say. ;-)))
    In the little pot there's rock candy immersed in Limoncello, produced in Hamburg, Germany, by L.W.C. Michelsen.


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