Wednesday 5 December 2007

One Fine Day in November

A sunny day
in November.

White clouds
like a flock of sheep
grazing on a blue sky
over Heldenplatz.

A red-wheeled horse-drawn carriage
waiting for customers.

Two white horses
resting up
for the next ride
over cobblestone streets.

The cupola
of the Imperial Palace's Michael wing
glistening in the late autumn light.

In the palace's courtyard,
waiters are moving chairs
in a well-choreographed
end of outdoors season minuet.

Kohlmarkt appears different
from what it looked the day before.

And there,
a sure harbinger of autumn season's
looming end,
a chandelier on Graben!

Here we go,
on November 12, 2007,
with Christmas chandelier
after chandelier after chandelier,
all the way to St. Stephan's!


  1. I can imagine Christmas in Vienna being a magical time... for kids and photographers

  2. The architecture over there is simply gorgeous. I love the first's beautiful!

  3. Two White Horses

    You think we are the same.
    Perhaps [clippety clop] from where you sit
    We are. But I assure you...
    This one? Yeah, Buddy here?
    Doesn't like oats!
    Hates apples.
    Allergic to sugar.
    Me? I like all three. Can't get
    Enough sugar. [Clippety-clop, swish...]
    Me? I hate only one thing.
    Buddy? Loves 'em.
    Can't get enough reins.
    The only thing about us the same?
    The least definitive thing, if you
    [clippety-clop] wanna know...
    Yet, what does everyone say?
    Look at the two white horses."

    © Ciprianowords Inc. 2007

  4. CREAM:
    I sure feel like a kid in a candy store, if I may say so. I have avoided to show Christmas themed photos on the blog before December, but it was exciting to observe how day after day the preparations for the Christmas season progressed.

    The first photo shows one of the paths that lead from the Volksgarten (remember the rose garden?) over Heldenplatz (in the photo). The building to the right belongs to the Leopoldine Wing of the Hofburg, i.e. Imperial Palace. Through a passaway you reach the courtyard and exit through Michael's Gate, cross Michael's Square (Michaelerplatz) and you are right on Kohlmarkt (the street on which Demel's located).

    Thank you, I feel so honoured!
    I would love to put the poem on the blog, may I, please?

  5. Wunderschön! Ich war schon lange nicht mehr in Wien... Aber heute vielleicht! :-)

  6. The waiters' minuet. Merisi, how fabulous.

    Indeed, some of Wien's magic must be due to all that music saturating the space.

    London has patches that are musical and then it becomes discordant (and not in the Beethovenian sense) again.

  7. Each time I visit your blog, I go back a happier person. Your pictures make me smile.

    I know it's early but let me wish you a great holiday season in advance as I'm about to depart on holidays and that will mean a 'net-less' life. I shall be spending Christmas with my family in India. Cheers . :)

  8. Thank you again for another good morning start to my day. I hope to see the chandeliers lit. Such beautiful old world charm.

  9. More beautiful pictures which gives such a flavour.
    No I have never heard of the festival that you mention Merisi.

  10. Vienna is nudging its way quickly up my list of places to visit soon, thank you for sharing your lovely home city Merisi. Also just wanted to let you know I have included you in my blog list of fave blogs, I hope this is okay with you and just let me know if it isn't ; ) December greetings to you and yours : )

  11. Sure thing, Merisi.
    If you would like to post that poem, I say... "Giddy-up! Giddy-up!"

    Your photos are always so wonderful.
    Sometimes they elicit a poem!
    -- Cip

  12. Veru crisp indeed and exquisite too...
    It looks so Austrian...

  13. You certainly have a talent for photography - the composition of these shots is excellent. I love the way you've focused on the tree there and the horse and carriage is in the background - marvelous!

    David Webb


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