Tuesday 13 November 2007

The Parliament

Monday morning at the Parliament

I arrived there bright and early, approaching the building from the back. Its roofline is graced by chariots, statues of ancient scholars and statesmen (or so they say), and a very utilitarian temporary ... toolshed.
(Now, don't be mistaken, I do not know anything about that "toolshed". It could well be that the little hut is the product of an artist's mastermind, and that they are moving it around according to the cycle of the moon).

When I was still brandnew to Vienna and spotted that shed for the first time, I was horrified that such an ugly little building disgraced the stately Parliament. I was ready to fire off letters of protest to the mayor and the President of the Parliament.
Good thing I didn't get around to write them. ;-)

Standing right under the protruding toolshed
and looking beyond the Ringstrasse,
you are greeted by the sight of chestnut trees.
They guard the Volksgarten's rose garden.
Further in the distance,
the scaffolded steeple of St. Stephan's Cathedral.
Next to it, the cupola of the Hofburg
(Michael's Wing of the Imperial Winter Palace).

Here I have to break for a public service announcement:
Crossing Volksgarten, then either choosing to walk through
Heldenplatz or Ballhausplatz, you reach Michaelerplatz
in about ten minutes.
Demel's on Kohlmarkt is then yours
in less than a minute
Back to headquarters!

Broad ramps lead to the above street level entrance of the Parliament. The Horse Tamer's statue is a 1901 work by the sculptor Josef Lax, Karl Kundmann's Palace Athene was added to the fountain in front of the building in 1902.

On the 12th of November 1918, after the collapse of the Habsburg empire, the formation of the Republic of Austria was proclaimed in this building. It had originally been built in the late 19th century to house the Parliament of the Austrian part of the Habsburg empire.

Pallas Athene
saluting the Burgtheater building.

I showed up too early:
They had not yet finished turning off
all of the Ringstrassen street lights.
Early bird catches the action!

Pallas Athene

View of the Parliament
Street car passing
Ringstrassen entrance of the


    That is one powerful shot - the first one!
    Of course I will not ask what district this is in...Ahem

  2. Now that you said it, I looked at the first shot differently: Lots going on up there, isn't it?
    Regarding the district, I can only guess: The zip code seems to indicate .... wait, what was the question again? :-)))
    Wouldn't you rather have a Palatschinke instead? I am ready to go right now. *enticing smile*

  3. I would love to hear Mozart played in Vienna.

  4. I love that shed! It's just what I need for the garden!
    Love Lorenzo.

  5. I like picturing the unknowledgeable tourist who sees the shed. As a tour guide I'd be tempted to make up stories about it ;)

    By the way, I was tagged last Tuesday and have now passed it on to you! Feel free to play if you'd like to.

  6. ELLEE:
    Welcome! :-)

    Who know, they may be willing to sell it to you, once the restauration work is finished. :-)

    Well, I sort of was just that. And really angry that in this Republic ugly buildings like that shed were allowed to spoil the skyline. ;-)
    You tagged me? Thank you so very much. I shall look for an escape clause (was it Shakespeare who said first tag all the lawyers?).

  7. Ha ha ha - I'm very sorry you've had to look at that same post of mine for days and days now - I've been a very lazy blogger!
    I think you are just jealous that you only have beautiful, stately buildings and magnificent statues to show - I know you secretly wish YOU had giant rams complete with testicles, in Vienna!
    (I promise to de-lazify in the next day or two!)

  8. PS - Can you stop doing so many posts - I can't keep up!!!!

    If it were only the same post, I wouldn't complain, but "that" image ain't no rosebud (pun intended! *smile*).

    You gotta be kidding! :-)))

  10. Pic 2 There's a guard down there in the street by the parliament building giving you a very direct look Merisi.

    I love the column dripping with gold just behind.

  11. Ah, remember the good ol' days, when goddesses had big racks like those? :)

  12. Oh my! That building is the inspiration for the word stately!

  13. Alone behind my computer, I exclaim:"Oh my God!!Ohh!Ohh!Ahh!!No!"
    Great post!

  14. Fantastic photos! Well done, you!


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