Thursday 29 November 2007

No Title

Yes, but there is a clue,
and it is not reflected!

2Blue door
Only a blue door?

3 Revoluce

4The clou
is in the vase.

5Shrouded in mystery?
Move ahead one more gate.

6MQ: Hier passiert es.
Things Are Going to Happen.


7Sitting pretty.
Waiting for enlightenment?

8The long march

9Or was it

10A higher perch
may clue you in.
Hold your breath!

the lantern curtain?

12Great Expectations
If you turn the corner of this street,
no bellringer
will be running after you.
Still no clue?

13She is
clued in.

They've got
but a strawberry!


1 - Maria Hilf Church
Mariahilfer Strasse
2 - Stiftgasse
3 - Revoluce at Burggasse
4, 11 - Café Halle, Kunsthalle MQ
5 - Palmenhaus, Burggarten
6, 12 - MuseumsQuartier (MQ)
7 - Café Leopold, MQ
8, 9 - MOMA Ludwig Foundation
10 - Zum Schwarzen Mohren, Burggasse 19
13 - Burggasse

November 27, 2007



  1. Love these photos, especially with those men walking the down the building....pretty cool looking!

  2. I made a similar capture to your church in the mirrorred building myself in montreal a few weeks back. It is a fun shot to line-up and take.

    The way you use the words to lead your viewers on is very clever too.

    Another enjoyable visit to Vienna!

  3. Ooooooooooooooooooo
    Love the blue-grey series!!!
    And that's my new color too..I threw out all my NYC black clothes.
    I will take your photos to the shops to color match!
    MERCI :)

  4. PS
    No clue :(
    clueless here but I love the mystery of it all...

  5. A Foundation called after my senior cat (Ludwig)? Oh, quite appropriate!


    Wien is beauty upon beauty.

    I will have to make time to take some snaps of London's grander districts - just so I don't feel so jealous. :))

  6. WHAT??!!!
    I don't get it!!!
    My brain's hurting!
    Far too cryptic for me!

    But I like the pretty pictures.
    I love 8 & 9.
    They look so purposeful.


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