Wednesday 28 November 2007

Breaking News

But the lonely one veil
Within thy gold clouds!
Surround with winter-green,

Until the roses bloom again,
The humid locks,
Oh Love, of thy minstrel

If only Goethe's "Winter Journey"
had taken him to Vienna,
he would have found
roses blooming in late November!

This rooster has been crowing
since the break of dawn:
There, a clou,
right near his feet


Photographed today
at noon.


  1. I love the idea that the blue sky, the roses, the green leaves still on the trees, the soft breath of the air, the poetry (& of course the coffee shops . . .) are 'news'.

    They are. Each fresh day is 'the news'.

  2. Sally,
    today's sky was of the bluest blue, truly newsworthy. ;-) Finding a blooming rose at the tram stop right around the corner from Klimt's last studio was sheer serendipity.
    Right now dusk is falling and the sky in the west is of a golden hue.

  3. Stunning blue photos.

  4. Very lovely photos! Amazing to see that rose.

  5. Your blue skies look Floridaesque. Where is your snow?


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