Wednesday 17 October 2007

The Loopy Blogger

Into the Blue

Looking Glass

Paris Around the Corner

Dreamy Blue Fig

Contemplating Swan Lake

Blue Roses

Dreamy Fig

Blue Table

Blue Table

Dreamy Fig

Paris is Two Women

Into the Blue



  1. Thank goodness you have your little longhair-doxie to keep you in line when you're feeling loopy.
    Eat three figs, and dream of blue tables and Paris!!!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    You brighten my day!

  2. Hello, Miresi!
    Fantastic photos, thank you.
    good luck

  3. Sounds like love
    Wine, blue, figs, water, Paris...

    Happy crusing!

  4. Why is that your blue theme makes me feel anything but blue? Love the photos with people outside wearing JACKETS!!! It's amazing what you miss after ten years here.

  5. You nut-bag!
    Perhaps you need a "Bex" and a lie down.
    (Do you know what a "Bex" is? - a medicinal powder - no longer available!).
    Maybe not a five hour walk for you today - maybe just a little one.
    Can't wait til our figs are ripe - I just found the BIGGEST fig tree I've ever seen in our country town and it doesn't even have an owner!
    (Max has a link to my post today)

  6. ONLY ONE shot of divine MAXIE among all those beauties!
    He deserves MORE
    I liked the fig too...

  7. rochambeau:
    Thank you! :-)

    david santos:
    Olà! Obrigada! :-)

    tongue in cheek:

    The things you notice! :-)
    Today it's grey and rainy,
    you are welcome to switch
    with me! ;-)

    The nut-bag walked for only three hours. Had to. Georgeous afternoon and the weather forecast was for rain and cold.

    Paris Breakfasts:
    Maxie is lounging around in some sweet meadow in the countryside. Had to use a photo from the archives. ;-) Guys!


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