Thursday 18 October 2007

Afternoon of a Faun

Gorgeous autumn afternoon
in the Stadtpark.

Debussy's "L'après-midi d'un faune"
should come to mind, upon such scenery.
Instead of Debussy,
I had to listen to
Lisa Stansfield singing
that catchy tune,
"I Want to Break Free!",
dressed in Hilda Ogden style,
in pinafore and hair set in curlers,
pushing a vauucum cleaner along the walkways!
are a terrible

Poetry is lost on them,
turning the most romantic
scenes vapid and prosaic.


  1. Your photography is very nice and touches on the spiritual. I especially like the couple in the grass, probably looking for an apartment to rent.

    Also, thank you for the very nice comments you made on my birds blog.

  2. Beautiful photos! You take such wonderful shots Merisi! I hope you have a great day!

    Thank you for your kind comment!
    You know, I think you are right, that couple very probably was doing just that (unlike others, which I did not photograph *g*).

    Dear Readers:
    If you love birds and nature, Mr. Lincoln has (among others) the most beautiful bird blog. Click here, to let them fly into your room! :-)

  4. Melissa:
    Thank you!
    I enjoy catching those moments of beauty and sharing them. These are from a long walk I took in the late afternoon yesterday, with the weather still sunny and mild. Today it's raining and temperatures are going to fall over the weekend.

  5. Beautiful. Thank u for bringing Vienna to my home.

  6. This is one of the things I love about your photography, it suggests a story behind each frame - we are free to imagine as we roam with you along your travels - it's such fun!

  7. Thank you for the beautiful walk in the park, I really smell the air!!
    ...and now I 'm going to see the birds'blog; so, double thanks!

  8. The lovely shots slackened my busy day at work, relaxed me and brightened me up. Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. Impressive. Love the pics and the words

  10. Perfection. Your photos today have an amazing dreamy quality about them. I can't stop looking at them. They will be my private escape many times today for sure.

    Pray your day is as blessed as the blessing you are to so many!

  11. Oh wow!!! I have to go there on a nice afternoon :))
    to aswer your question, yes, the punch torte is passed with a torch, and about the grape strudel, I have tried it today actually and I'm not a fan, I have to be honest..But other strudels are divine! Too bad I couldn't try the cherry one...I like the mohn strudel, except I would take out the raisins, hehe.
    X x x

  12. Enchanted beauty.....

    I have been playing Schubert day and night thanks to you, and now you are leading me over to Debussy. I used to play him on the piano when I was a teen-ager, I wonder if he remembers me.....

  13. Un très bel après-midi, if I may say so...

  14. I swear you are getting nuttier by the minute!
    What a fantastic character trait!
    I'm not alone in this assertion.
    If you could read what Max said about you on my blog - you'd know, he was starting to wonder about you too!


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