Sunday 16 September 2007

Ernst Fuchs Nymphaeum

Spring house
(Nyphaeum Omega)
Next to the 1000-year-old oak tree
Designed, sculpted and built
By Ernst Fuchs
In the years 1988-1991

Otto Wagner Villa

Hüttelbergstrasse 26
14th District

Photographed this Sunday in the late afternoon sun
on my way to Heiligenstadt through the Vienna Woods.

For images
of the Otto Wagner Villa at Hüttelbergstrasse,
click here, please!


  1. bellissimo questo luogo ...

  2. Gosh, I bet you could grow some good tomatoes in that summer house...

  3. I learn something new about Wien every time I come here.....

  4. the late sun
    adds to the beauty,
    i think.

    a summer house!


    we should all have a home
    for each season...

    and leave our seasonal clothing behind
    as we move from place to place...

  5. I like the use of shadows made by the late afternoon sun. A nice way to end the weekend.

  6. Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing!

  7. Luc:
    I drive by quite often, and this place looks different depending on the time of day. The Golden hour is my favorite.

    Even though Vienna is relatively small, it is home to a large variety of beautiful buildings and artworks.

    I should go back to consult more dictionaries, I guess. The house was built above a spring, I liked the idea that it is being used as a cooling room. I thought to remember that this kind of buildings are being called a "springhouse". I checked wikipidia, and they call it a "spring house". Brunnenhaus is translated as "pump house" in several dictionaries I looked.

    I do not really know what the purpose of the house is, I would have to ask. I will, one day. I simply assumed it could not be a pump room, I found the idea of a cooling room fitted this jewel of a building better.

    In the meantime, if you or anybody else out there, can enlighten me, I would be very interested and grateful. :-)

    It's the light of the Golden Hour,
    now coming earlier and earlier in the late afternoon.

    This was only the beginning of a beautiful late afternoon that flowed like liquid gold into the evening. Wait and see! :-)

    You are welcome! :-)

  8. This reminds me of the sort of things we have in places like Bath and other spa towns. Could be something to do with bathing and health stuff?

  9. Beautiful place !!!
    So barocco !! I love this place. VIenna is gorgeous

  10. Maalie,
    I guess you are are referring to Nymphaea, the temples that hail back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, built to honour the water nymphs. I think you are right, "Nymphaeum", as indicated on the sign in front of the building, is the key to a correct tranlation. Infact, seems to confirm that it is correct to use this originally Greek word in today's English.
    I have also called the Ernst-Fuchs-Museum. Professor Fuchs will be there on Wednesday. I will be back with more information as soon as I have gathered some. ;-)

    Dear readers,
    I will change the title from "Spring House" to Nymphaeum right now.

    Have a great week, all of you! :-)

  11. Mélanie:
    Check out Ernst Fuchs' oeuvre, he's a true master.
    I agree with you about Vienna. It harbours so many beautiful things, some I discover by accident, like yesterday: After the nymphaeum and the Beethoven house I made a wrong turn and ended up right down by the Danube, after crossing a massive old iron bridge, with lions as large as a house.

  12. Who is Ernst, and who is he fuching in the Nymphaeum? One of the nymphs? :)

  13. Ernst Fuchs (born February 13, 1930) is an Austrian visionary painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, architect, stage designer, composer, poet, singer and one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.
    (Information courtesy of

  14. So gorgeous - thanks for these wonderful photos of beautiful sites!


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