Friday 14 September 2007

Nachsommer - Late Summer Day


  1. I can feel/see a shift in the sunlight. Its softer...

  2. Oh it getting cooler? There are a few people in that fifth photo wearing sweaters.

  3. Mine Gut!
    The last picture in the outdoor garden...
    HEAVEN !

  4. Your photos catch moods and tell stories.
    These photos make a simple fleeting moment hang in the air.

  5. Simon:
    Yes, you are right. As we are nearing the fall equinox, the sun's rays are still very warm, but the light has shifted.

    david mcmahon:
    Oh, how I agree with you! :-)

    That photo was taken quite early in the morning and yes, the nights are much cooler, and the days too, unfortunately.

    This is the courtyard of the Ammerling House, a cluster of streets with Biedermeier houses and small squares, in the 7th District, right next to the Museumsquartier.

  6. They say you find yourself in places...well..I guess sometimes you find yourself in a picture of some far off magical place you have never been to..and probably never will be to..yet still find yourself there...

    The last picture is that sort of place to me...Like I've been if I were the woman sitting alone.. inspiring!

  7. Okay. The Ammerlinghaus it is. That will be my first cafe when we move.

    These are gr-r-r-eat. What a wonderful way to start my day!

  8. What an incredible Biergarten! And no offense intended, but having lived in Florida for seven years, it cracks me up to see palm trees in the Graben! They just seem really out of place to me.

  9. Incurable Insomniac:
    "Oh, the places you'll go! There is fun to be done!"
    Did Dr. Seuss live in Vienna when he wrote that poem??? ;-)

    With temperatures in the Nineties for months, why not palms? *laugh*
    Why do you think the Viennese nobility tended to their Palmengartens through the centuries? Sure not only for the lemon and orange trees. ;-)

  10. I have to say coming here every day with my morning coffee has been a great way to start the day! Even if I arrive before the next update, it puts the city right into my waking consciousness and influences the events of the day.

    hmm, wonder if that attractive lass in the final photo might still be there when I arrive? Not likely? All is well, no shortage of beauty in this city!

  11. Very nice posting.
    Thank you.
    Have a good weekend.

  12. OUr autumns has been terrible so far. Will you believe that we even had snow in the air this morning. Terje has removed our blue garden furniture to the playhouse where it will reside over the winter, I have moved some of the potted plants indoors.

  13. A good Sunday to everybody!
    I had answered every single comment and then I managed to hit a wrong button ... everything up in the air. :-(

  14. Summer had well and truly gone where I have just come from!

    It's the Equinox shortly - Hooray! Time for drinking and runcibility!


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