Monday 10 September 2007

Wiener Geschichten

Nice antlers, James!

Thank you, Miss Sophie!

Gucci's having them on sale.

James, does this dress make me look fat?

Well, Miss Sophie,
pregnancy does make you look younger!

James, I'm afraid I do have a terrible craving
for Demel's cherries and strawberries
with hand-whipped cream!

Can you believe these two old lovebirds?
And all started with a dinner for one,
at Diglas,
on her 90th birthday!

"I am desperate!"
"Wieviele Achterl braucht der Weltschmerz?"
How many glasses of wine does it take to drown the Weltschmerz?


  1. or how many MACARONS ? ? ?
    many...even with no weltschmertz

  2. LOL. How do you find all these situations for your great photos.

  3. Britt-Arnhild:
    Out of sheer desperation, maybe? *giggle*

    If you dream of blackboards or two lonely Gerstner macarons tonight, know, that these were the themes of my intended post today.
    (*sigh* it must be Monday!)

  4. Ha Ha Ha....
    That made me laugh out loudly. You are funny. LOL..

    Thanks Merisi.

  5. Here I've been absent for too long and I come back to THIS delicious entry! Ah, a nice way to smile at the end of a trying day. I'll take the wine, and all the confections, bitte.

  6. Whhoooops. Sorry, that previous comment was me, signed into the wrong google account!

    -- Alison

  7. cuckoo:
    Thank you! :-)))

    Thanks, you are welcome!
    I'll have a glass of wine with you.
    I have been told that "Dinner for one" is not as well known in the English speaking world as in Germany and Austria. We watched that movie every New Year's Eve and laughed ourselves silly. Still do. "Same procedure as every year!".

    It was Monday, after all. :-)))

  8. I was on my second glass when I visited. What great pictures. Too funny!

    What is a Weltschmerz? I mean, I know what to word means luterally, but what does it mean? The world's pain? The world's hangover? Was?

  9. Ja, 2nd glass. I meant "I know what THE word means LITERALLY..."


    How funny! The security word is "ppped". LOL!

  10. Weltschmerz?

    Ask any Austrian hanging out at Hawelka after 2 o'clock in the morning: Kaffeehaus philosophizing into the wee hours seems like a sure way to put you at a certain point into a state of melancholy, pessimism even, over the world's (wrong) course. Or so it is said. :-)

    While Schmerz can be translated as pain, I would say Weltschmerz is more a form of grief (which is painful). Grief for all that, according to one's (often too romantic) ideal of a just world is not going right.

    I once knew who coined that word, alas, .... it was before Rilke, that's for sure. ;-)

  11. What wonderful windows!


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