Wednesday 5 September 2007

The First Chestnut

In the quiet of an early September morning
on chestnut tree lane,
a harbinger of autumn swinging itself free,
landing in front of
sandal-clad feet
with a thud:

The first chestnut of the season,
in her shiny marron finery,
next to her split open
moss-green spiky parachute,
exuding fragrance
of marrons glacés.

Click here
Chestnuts through the seasons.



  1. I love your pictures ...It smells like fall is coming ..

  2. Ha, ha, when I first looked at that top photo I thought that it was some strange slug or snail coming out of it's shell.

    The slugs of Autumn are here...

  3. Mélanie:
    Nine degrees and raining raining raining = clear and wet message, isn't it? ;-)

    One would hope that a slug would fall on her feet first. *squoooooshhhhhh* :-)

  4. OH YUM!
    Knock your socks off pictures
    Lovely poem to Fall..

  5. Holy Moly, those look like Deku Seeds from the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker game!

    (too random?)

  6. Great macro of the nut. I think I have to go out in the backyard and see if the chestnuts hanging over the fence look like these. Thanks for the reminder.

    Carol, I got these before the rain started and photographed them with the last rays of sun before the big rainclouds took over.
    Thinking of marrons glacés and of you was a natural, btw.

    Brian in Oxford:
    You are right! ;-) But beware:
    It takes lots of Lon Lon Milk before can put these in your sling shot! :-)

    My little Cybershot was at the camera clinic over the weekend, so now I am photographing everything in my way (worse than before *g*). Those sweet people at the Sony repairs shop here in Vienna installed a new Zeiss lens and I had my camera back within 2 1/2 half working days! So glad, because now they are only selling those eetsy-bitsy-tiny models.
    I am going to check for chestnut photos on your side of the pond.

  8. Succulent photograph and poem to match. Thank you for kicking off the autumn season in Style, Merisi Style!

  9. I saw some today and walked right past them; didn't even think to take a photo. Your photos are fantastic!

  10. Kind of makes me think the Deku Scrubs are more dangerous than I thought...

  11. I agree with Paris breakfasts....
    Your Photos are simply fantastic.

    I am SO busy at the Moment, yet to come here and see September.. brings a smile to my dial

  12. Wonderful photo of the chestnut! Love you new blog design as well!

  13. paris parfait:
    There are so many chestnut trees in my neighborhood, and I had been waiting for days for the first ones to drop. ;-) I collect single beauties throughout the fall and then use them to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

    Incurable Insomniac:
    Oh yes, never underestimate the little spiky ones. ;-)

    Thank you. :-)
    I hope spring will bring you some more time for yourself.

    tongue in cheek:
    Thank you, Corey!
    Somebody special forced me to finally change the background. ;-)

  14. Those are absolutely magnificent photos of chestnuts. I've always loved the texture and the color of chestnuts and your photos have captured both wonderfully.

  15. Suldog:
    Thank you. :-)
    I share your love of chestnuts. They are like fall's ambassadors, fitting symbols of the season upon us.

  16. So that's what a chestnut looks like! Believe it or not I've never seen one before. :-)

  17. I haven't seen many chestnut trees for a number of years now, and I and my husband were just talking about that. I recall enjoying the trees and the nuts as a child. Your photo presents them in a rich, polished brown--very nice.

  18. ANN:
    I am glad I could bring them closer to you. ;-)

    I remember that the American Chestnut was all but obliterated by a blight brought to the American shores by Chinese Chestnuts. Check The American Chestnut Foundation's website, they once had a "Adopt a Tree" programm.

  19. That last shot is just spectacular ....

  20. The latest post at Hyde DP is Autumn Chestnuts and I've included links to some other chestnut postings including this one.


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