Thursday 6 September 2007

Of Summer's Abundance

Elderberry on the Danube
Kaisermühlen, 2nd District

Blue wildflower
Danube river, Kaisermühlen

Black eyed Susan
Ready to steal away?

Schloß Hof
Lower Austria

Picnic by the lake?
Rust, Lake Neusiedl

White roses
Horse Stables Freudenau
Vienna, Prater, 2nd District

Slow waltz
on the
Blue Danube


  1. These make me hear Shubert's THE TROUT in the background.
    But was Shubert Austrian..?

  2. Beautiful. I especially like "Slow Waltz".

  3. Oh those white roses are just beautiful.

  4. With the rain pouring down outside your photos are balsam for my soul today. I am off work and would love an end of summer picnic, but will have to enjoy it indoors.

    ParisBreakfast, did Schubert compose a piece called The Trout? Oh, I must search for that. I went trout fishing last week and got a great one, which I was able to help prepare in the kitchen where I lived:

    Franz Schubert was Austrian, he was born and died in Vienna.

    Remembering the moment when I had watched the sun rays dancing with the little waves, "slow waltz" seemed to recall it best.

    I was on my way to a Blues Breakfast at a nearby barn, walking along the beautiful old stables. There were roses and flowers everywhere.

    Rain here, too. Started Tuesday night, and hasn't stopped since. The Pope will arrive in Vienna in half an hour, but no reprieve in sight (even though there's a saying that "Sunshine's travelling with angels", kind of makes me wonder *smile*).

    If you don't know Schubert yet, go and buy every CD you can get, I wouldn't know where to begin with recommendations, his music is in my blood, so to speak. The Trout is part of the "Trout Quintet", btw. - I one heard Hermann Prey sing the "Winterreise" in Rom, the audience was so enthusiastic, at the end Prey repeated all the Lieder and still the audience didn't stop clapping. At the end, he asked for forgiveness, he was too exhausted to give more.

    I plan on doing a post on Schubert, but need some more time. Still busy with Haydn and Mozart, as far as musicians here in Vienna are concerned. ;-)

  6. How sturdy is that ladder?

    "I thought gray was the natural color of the wood" -- my favorite quote from a water-repelling wood sealant commercial

  7. This is an incredible series! Your compositions are breathtaking.


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