Sunday 26 August 2007

Walking to the Kaffeehaus on Sunday Morning

Kohlmarkt and Graben
Meinl Cafe'

Am Graben 17
Mozart lived in this building
from September 1781 until Juli 1782

Am Graben and Petersplatz
St. Joseph's Fountain

Am Graben
Belle Epoque Comfort Station
(Bedürfnisanstalt im Jugendstil)

Pestsäule am Graben
Fiaker and Plague Memorial

Chattanooga am Graben 29a
Early birds will have to wait!
(The Mozart family lived next door, at no. 29,
for a couple of months in 1784

Sonntagmorgenplausch am Graben
Sunday morning chat

Graben 31
Café de l'Europe

Segafredo Espresso am Graben 28
Ciao bellissime!

Leierkastenspieler am Stock-im-Eisen-Platz 3
Hurdy-gurdy player at Stock-im-Eisen-Square


Stephansplatz 4
Haas & Haas Teahouse


  1. What a wonderful photos and places, Merisi! I would like to be there walking with you! Love "Stephansplatz 4
    Haas & Haas Teahouse", it's so green and fresh!

  2. Thank you, Sonia! :-)
    This is the courtyard of Stephansplatz 4, even though you are only steps from the cathedral, you feel far away from the bustle of the city.

  3. I love these. Thank you!


  4. I am Steph's partner, Nettl. I wanted to stop in and thank you for taking these beautiful pictures of The Graben & Stephansplatz! It will be two years ago on the 29th that Steph and I flew to Vienna together for on location filming in Vienna and Salzburg, and I can tell you that we are both feeling extremely "homesick" right now. Vienna is where our hearts are.


  5. All that coffee, in all those delightful coffee places, PLUS the music of Mozart singing through one's head.

    I can see quite clearly that Vienna knows what quality of life is.

    Do you also work in Vienna? :))

    (in which case, yours is the job to have)

  6. Well this is indeed a surprise. It is my first visit today and I cam to thank you for your comments on my blog. Thank you.

    Also, I looked at all of your photographs here and fell for some of them. The enlargements are special and I liked those. It seems to me to be almost too much. Too many nice photos to absorb in one day. I stop and look at pictues and not just glance at them. Each one tells a story about the time and space it represents in your city. So much information. And all well done too.


    I hope someday you can see my blog about birds and also visit my website. It is special to me too.

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely pictoral tour.
    I'm ready to pull of stakes in Texas and move. Now. :)

  8. always a marvelous tour, sugar... thank you!

  9. You must have walked a long way! The photos have a wonderful variety and give us a great glimpse into the variety of the neighborhood(s). The teahouse definitely is worth the walk!

  10. Dear Merisi,
    Your walk is so beautiful and full of history and inspiration. It brightened my day, your visit! We live in such different worlds, but still we can communicate! It's wondrous to have the chance to see where Mozart once lived. Thank you!

    I'd love to take tea with you at the tea house some day!

  11. Incurable Insomniac:
    Thank you, Steph (I was quite relieved to hear that you don't mind being homesick for Vienna *smile*).

    Welcome and thank you!
    (Visiting Mozart's apartment in the Getreidegasse in Salzburg is one of my earliest childhood memories with my grandfather, from there Mozart has been in my life, including the fact that my oldest shares the birthday with him.)

    Sally Crawford:
    Imagine then, sitting down at the Segafredo and being served complimentary croissants with your cappuccino. Free croissants before ten a.m. on Sundays, the waitress informed us when we reminded her that we hadn't asked for any. Tough, isn't it? :-)

  12. oldmanlincoln:
    You are welcome! (I have indeed to thank you for the beautiful pictures of those dear to my heart birds from my old home.)

    Sometimes when I look at my pictures I wished I would go out there and take the time for more careful framing etc. - even though the premise for my blogging was and is to document my daily life in Vienna and this wouldn't be possible anymore if I started doing more than quick snapshots.

    I am looking forward to take the time to visit your bird blog! :-)

    it's the little things...:
    Thank you, you are welcome (and to move to Vienna, why not? *smile*)

    You are welcome! :-)

    This walk takes only five minutes, more or less. ;-) We didn't stop at Haas&Haas yesterday, but continued on to Diglas, another two minutes away, for lunch (and not without taking a long brake at the Segafredo on Graben, it was Sunday after all and my daughter and I had been up very early in the morning for an appointment).

    Thank you! :-)
    Having one day teatime together at the Haas&Haas would be wonderful!

  13. Kate:
    We most certainly took a long "break" at the Segafredo (my brain seems to have developed a zest for mixing up vocabulary - reading and correct before pushing the send botton would be a great idea and I apologize for being careless). ;-)

  14. Lovely photos, Merisi.
    I love the guy with the hurdy-gurdy.

  15. Okay, that's enough - I'm arriving on the 6.30 flight - please reserve us both that table in the corner. I'll leave my camera, if you promise to still take yours. What do you say?

  16. CREAM:
    That guy was sweet (and smiling: right behind me my daughter was searching in my purse for change *g*).

    6.30 am or pm? *g*

  17. Your photos make me feel like I've been on holiday...without having left my chair! Happy Day :o)

  18. Oh, those flowers in the first shot - they are perfect. Dahlias? Perfectly off-set by the aquary-bluey vases.

    It still freaks me out that you have palms in Vienna!

  19. freefalling:
    Yes, the flowers are dahlias.
    The palm trees? Oh well, they are of that special variety called "Kübelpalmen", literally translated palm trees in a pot. They are being moved to glass houses during the winter. Still, I love them, they underline the mediteranean feel that the city exudes (in my opinion), the same for all the oleander bushes around town. No global warming effect here, though. ;-)

    Thank you!
    I hope your day's going fine as well! :-)

  20. What a walk...seriously how do you make each walk so special/ so different...!!
    Has it stopped raining there....? Sky looks so clear and wonderful!!

  21. bendtherulz:
    Well, living in this city makes snapping pictures an easy task. Sometimes I worry if I will ever see anything new (since I usually walk the same streets). Needless to say, Vienna always keeps surprising new views up her sleeve. ;-)
    The rain lasted only for a short while, a summer thunderstorm, welcome and appreciated. Sun was back out before sunset. We have been blessed with incredibly beautiful summer weather, since April.

  22. Is the local tourist authority paying you? Because your photos make me want to jump on a plane, even though I just got home from a long trip.

  23. In all your pictures . Vienna seems so sunny . I can not believe it . it is wonderful

  24. paris parfait:
    *smile* I guess you are familiar with MasterCard's "Priceless" ads ? *giggle*
    I warn my friends before they come visit to please be aware that Vienna is a quaint little place with a few great coffee houses and carefully camouflaged savoir-vivre. I don't want them to expect the glamour of Paris. ;-)

  25. But the *really* special thing, Merisi, as far as I'm concerned (and has been commented on I'm sure), is that in Vienna you have an uninterrupted view of the architecture; you can 'see' it in all its glory or in all its fine detail; you can sit down in a Kaffeehaus (I don't speak German but this one is obvious) and have a conversation where you can hear and be heard by your friends and be offered free croissants by a relaxed waitress; if you are on your own, you can listen to the thoughts in your own head (or hear the Mozart); you can smell the coffee and the flowers - and that delicious baked sugar smell only patisserie has; you can stop in the street and chat freely and end up feeling cheered and more 'human'; you can go on to your next appointment/scheduled event/work task refreshed and renewed (sigh).

    This to my mind defines 'city'.

    No wonder you want to take your camera and record it.

    You have said it all.
    Thank you. :-)
    (And I am going now to indulge in another Viennese pleasure: Search for my teenager's cell phone out in the Wienerwald. *g*)

  27. I want London to be more like Vienna . . .

    More later.

    Don't forget to ring the phone and hopefully you will be able to locate it by its ring (but I expect you know that and anyway I'm only telling you what my friends do; I don't have a mobile phone yet (too fond of my peace and quiet)).

  28. SALLY,
    we searched til the full moon was looking over the treetops, to no avail (couldn't call since we had the phone company asked to disable the phone *drats*).
    I know only London Heathrow, better than I'd care for. ;-)

  29. The Vienna Tourism Ministry should hire you Merisi. You sell Vienna so very well! Everytime I see your pictures I want to visit Austria more! :-)

  30. Ann (MobayDP):
    Gotta be careful, Anna, at the end I'll have to pay entertainment taxes, what we the fun I'm having here. ;-) You haven't booked your flight yet?


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