Sunday 5 August 2007

Quiet Moments from a Busy Weekend in Vienna

Shopping for groceries on Saturday morning:
White roses in front of the grocery store

Dommayer on Saturday afternoon
13th District
It was either a walk through Schönbrunn Park
or Dommayer's Cafe' -
my high heels voted for the later.
While the interior looked airy and inviting,
we decided the day was too gorgious to hide inside.

Dommayer's porch:
No better place for Sunday morning brunch!
We needed sunshine in our faces, though:
It was late afternoon,
and my friend had been slaving away in a cutting room all day.

The garden beckoned!
If anybody would ask me to name my favorite garden
to catch the breeze on a summer afternoon,
Dommayer's it would be.

Campari - Grapefruit Sorbet - Champagne
Summer is easy

- to be continued -

Café Dommayer
Auhofgasse 2
13th District
A short walk from the west entrance of Schönbrunn Palace.
For more pictures from Dommayer's,
click here, please.


  1. Lovely shots. I especially love the flowers above.


  2. Looks like a perfect, though busy, week-end :-)

  3. It would be tempting to sit all afternoon and have a couple glasses of those Campari Grapefruit Sorbet Champagne. The look so inviting:) I could use one as I spent the last two days with several teenage girls!

  4. I see you are "doing it tough" Merisi! It's a hard life!
    And white roses in front of the grocery store! It must be a pretty flash grocery store - my local grocery store has used chewing gum ground into the pathway in front of it!

  5. PAZ:
    Thank you! :-)

    This was only a small part of it,
    but I enjoyed it.

    Hm. Who knows what would happen if I got more than one glass. ;-)))

    Oh, that's a regular grocery store. The flowers are there all along that block, thanks to the Viennese taxpayers. ;-)

  6. So many lovely posts this week Merisi! The roses, the blue, the orange, the treats, the gardens... A delight, as always.

  7. Vienna looking as beautiful as always. hope you are well Mary

  8. What a glorious day captured in your lovely photos!


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