Monday 13 August 2007

Monday's Windows of Rust am See

The birds are in their trees,
the toast is in the toaster,
and the poets are at their windows.

"Ideal wind conditions and a Mediterranean climate make Lake Neusiedl a top-notch sailing, surfing and kite-surfing ground. The region around Lake Neusiedl has plenty of opportunities for sports lovers in store: a 500-km network of signposted cycling trails, a golf course, hiking, Nordic Walking, horse-back riding, as well as skating and cross-country skiing in winter all make for a sheer endless diversity of sports activities which can be practiced here."

In 2006, Lake NeusiedlAs hosted the ISAF World Sailing Games. After La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast, Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula, and the Mediterranean city of Marseille, this was the first time for the quadrennial sailing world championships to be staged on an inland lake.

Quote and information from the official
Neusiedl am See website.

"The Trouble with Poetry: And Other Poems"
by Billy Collins


  1. I love all these chalk boards you're showing!
    I thought that was just a Paris thing...
    I wanna write on a chalk board when I grow up, prefreably in Paris

  2. CAROL:
    Maybe you should apply for a job as a town chalk board writer and painter? :-) Some European towns offer artists a beautiful apartment and some form of salary. At the Viennese Museumsquartier exist six such positions, if I am not mistaken.

    Btw, I have been collecting chalk board images for some time now, they are waiting to be posted when inspiration hits. In the meantime, you can find at least one already on my blog, a Falling chestnuts warning. :-)

    Welcome and thank you! :-)

  4. "auf Dillsauce?"

    I love reading what appear to be pure English words in the middle of something German.

    (The same way I getting German emails from the Erdinger "Fanclub-Team" on my birthday each year.)

  5. "Dill sauce" is an interesting coincidence, combining two words used both in English and in German. While the origin of "dill" is disputed, either Norse or Anglo-Saxon, "Sauce" is a loan word from French. Isn't it nice when every now and then words turn out to be more cosmopolitan than they make us believe at first sight? ;-)

    "Eierschwammerl", btw., is Austrian German (German is, like English, a pluricentric language, slight deviations from the German German are being spoken in Austria and parts of Switzerland, with Austriacism somewhat less deviating than Helvetisms), meaning "Pfifferling" (in German German), chanterelle in English (again a French word *smile*).

    You see, one could write pages just trying to translate a few words on a black board menue. You don't want me to continue, do you? Nockerl, for example (ah, les spécialités autrichiennes! *giggle*), would be waiting in the wings. "Dumpling"'s what the dictionary gives you, but they are wrong, there's the French word ..... I'm getting confused ... Champagner, please! :-)

  6. I love the pictures of the open windows - it's much too hot to open ours here. Plus I enjoyed the language lesson above. it's always interesting to hear the cultural differences in what is considered the same language.

  7. I love how each story has it's own story to tell.


  8. All your photos so good. You have a good eye.

  9. HEXE:
    I hope you start having more bearable temperatures soon!
    Since I have spent way too many years of sub-tropical climate summers, where humidity and heat force one to hide in air-conditioned rooms (or hang almost lifeless out on the porch, - and that best only after sundown! -, holding on to an ice-cold frozen mint-julip cup), I appreciate that summers here are dry and nights cool (at least up here in my district, where the cool air coming down from the Vienna Woods makes a big difference in the evenings).

    Like little life stations, aren't they? They evolve without much choice, whatever I see, will have to tell something. ;-)

    Thank you! :-)

  10. Oh, such a beautiful place, you have documented it with style and a loving eye. I love your photography!

    Thank you!
    It's a lovely place, small, but precious (hiking, one has to be careful not to end up in Hungary *g*).

  12. What enchanting windows, I love these photos!

  13. So nice: two days ago, I just was thinking about this place where they are storcks, because I was in the west fench coast, (Charentes) and they are a lot of theses beautiful birds.


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