Sunday 12 August 2007

Lunch in Vine Country: Lake Neusiedl

Rust am See
40 minutes south of Vienna
Burgenland Province, Austria


  1. You keep showing pictures of delicious looking food I love summer food the best You know crispy salads great dressings and fresh fruit in the open air would I ever tire of this no.

  2. I try to suppress my urge to take pictures when I am with other people, but with this delicious lunch and location, I simply could not resist (my friends started kidding me, presenting me their plates as soon as the waiter put it on the table *grin*).
    I had the cold tomato bisque and the salad in the picture (the little round thing on the right is a cold terrine of chanterelle mushroom). We had hiked through the vineyards around Rust, and the restaurant is located in a vintner's home, quite idyllic for a summer's afternoon.
    We were home in a little more than half an hour's time. One of the beauties of Vienna, having so many great and different places that seem so far removed from the city, yet are really close.

  3. Hi Merisi,

    You really have the ability to place at by your side when you post these pictorial essays.

    Wonderful work.

    Keep smiling


  4. Your photos are always so stunning...real slice-of-life moments captured, and joy of living! It makes me happy to come here and see everything--thank you! :o)

    Thank you very much. *blush*

    You are so welcome, Tracy!
    Comments like yours keep me posting even when I think I don't have anything to share with you that's worthwhile. :-)

  6. Makes me wish I were there!

  7. Is that Gazpacho with the stick of bread sitting on top?


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